Lets be straight forward and ask for love,intimacy and sex.

I assume the whole purpose of the dating is to find love, intimacy and sex if you get lucky. And the whole process is so complicated .

1. Wear new clothes
2. Brush again
3. Wear nice perfume
4. Find a good restaurant
5. Buy roses or chocolates or both
6. Where new underpants [if you get lucky/optimism is only religion men have in this context.]
7. If you have commonsense,then buy contraceptives.
8. last moment how to kiss, practice?

Its complicated. And the process seem need ending. Why not be straight forward like Shahrukh in My Name is Khan To Kajol, lets have sex. Yeap I know he was suffering with Asperger’s syndrome.It made life easier for both of them.

According to the Mehrabian’s model only7% of meaning is in the words that are spoken.We all may not[are not]  experts of non verbal communication and to interpret what exactly a person is trying to communicate nonverbally . Lets this be done byAllan & Barbara Pease.

The crux is make life simple with words which is only 7% .

“Make Big out of Small”


One response to “Lets be straight forward and ask for love,intimacy and sex.

  1. Let me appreciate your frank comments with out decorum even while expressing my disagreement to some of the statements. According to Maslow’s need hierarchy, breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis and excretion are the physiological needs. But unlike animals, man can never be satisfied with this. Though he/ she may be guided by the basic instincts till an age (but never expresses it in an unrefined way as he/she is tamed and subdued by the society), a person get dissatisfied with the pursuit of it and aims for something more. that is the self actualization as maslow had put it. If sex was the only predominant instinct in dating or a relation between the two genders, then, there would not have been educational institutions, theme parks, poetry, serene places where people visit during vacations… life is much more. Don’t you think a pat from your partner for appreciation and understanding or a word of consolation when you are depressed is what a human being desire more than the things you mentioned above? Thats why so many extramarital affairs, break ups and frustrations happen in relationships, not because of the lack of above mentioned 8 factors.
    Now, regarding the frank statement of Shahrukh Khan, Well, may be good at times, but there is a beauty in adding decorum to certain things. Imagine Shakespeare writing, ” Hello, put any name!” instead of ” Whats there in a name? A rose would smell as sweet even if it is called by another name.”

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