Writing Humor.

This is just my second post and I am going blank. I must confess I am not a keyboard kind of person and therefore went to the conventional way of writing took pen and papers and wrote couple of pieces one on boobs [saw one episode on breast on bullshit season 5 .Check out http://www.pennandteller.com/ ] if you have not heard of them and then another piece on bottom/butt. I felt both of them do not go hand in hand with my image [public] therefore never posted.

While thinking about ideas my mind and knees pained alike . A yoga manual was lying next to the table and I scanned/glanced the book and came across a Asana called , Sirsha-asana. And one of the benefits of this asana is increases circulation to the brain, which causes improved brain function (intelligence and memory) and increased vitality and confidence. Neither did the brain function improve nor did the vitality. Now I remember why? I could not do it in the first place my belly became an hindrance.

Therefore I conclude not just my mind but belly was hindrance

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      As a blogger I would love to know my readers reaction.

      And explore new way of writing.


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