1.I blame my parents for conceiving me, now I will have to make a living.

2.I blame my brother who got me into reading books.

3 I blame J.krishnamurti, Shunry Suzuki, Eknath Esawaran and others for giving the value system , the burden which I borne everyday.

4.I blame, Kishore singh, Swami Nathan, MJ.Akbar, GuruCharan Das , B. Venkatesh, Who compel me to read newspaper

5.I blame Vijay Mallaya, Ratan Tata, Narayan Murthy and others who taught to dream and live big and to them nothing is impossible [I am possible]

6.I blame my father and brother for making me strong from inside and nothing moves me.

7.I blame my blood group which forces me to [B+]

8.I blame you who makes me write.

9.Sometimes I blame myself ,that I blamed you.

10. I Blame cosmetic companies for keeping me away from beautiful girls.

11. I Blame multiplex cinema for spoiling my taste , now I can’t withstand the regular bolloywood films.

12.I blame the creator ,for making me work my butt off .

Note:- This is an old post from another blog

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