Tiger or no Tiger and Wrong dance moves of MLA

I came across two stories . One was of a JD(U) MLA , Shyam Bahadur and then the Tiger woods blow off by affairs and then the accepting those affairs.

1.”A JD(U) MLA organized a show by bar dancers to keep his supporters entertained. JD(U) MLA Shyam Bahadur from Jiradei was caught in camera dancing along with bar dancers on Saturday night at his house.”

2. Tiger woods faced camera in controlled environment. And made statment.

There are two interesting news to me.

1. MLA enjoying a private moment , why are we concerned? I am concerned when my elected representative does not perform . Does not tackle issues necessary for the development of his constituency .

2. Tiger woods is responsible to his stakeholders i.e., his family , friends and companies associated with him. Not to us. To me he is a golfer and I did love to watch him play quality golf . And not know with whom did he have affairs. And when did go to the loo last time.

The media does not make report cards of every damn MP and MLA and track down there performances . I am interested in that. Instead of sensationalizing there private lifes ,media should focus on their public affairs . How the husband and wife fought and where were the remarks on woods body ,what crappy journalism is this.

Note:- Dancing and sex both are good for health. ,

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