Mr. Bachans gain is someone’s pain.

I am endorsing Gujarat’s glory as brand ambassador, not present govt: Bachchan

I have my empathy towards Mr. Amitabh Bachan. It seems that some people are hired in congress for specific acts only. Like creating a mountain out of mole.

Mr. Bachan is an icon , who people recognize easily and co-relate things with.

Him being a brand ambassador of UP because of certain influences or him being brand ambassador of Gujarat . Is purely a step taken by the respective state governments .

Mr. Bachan , being lending his voice and time to various causes like polio etc.. Weather compensated or not is not an issue.

If Mr. Bachan being accused of being an opportunist , then congress is wrong. You see in election , the pre and post elections scenario. Enemies become friend and vice versa. Congress I, please refresh your memory.

What exactly is bothering congress is thing to see?

Let congress answer these questions, so everybody gets a clarity on the issue.

1. Why Amitabh Bachan should not be brand ambassador of Gujarat?

2. If Amitabh Bachan becomes/ has become , what it has to do with the working /deeds of the government in the past?

3. Is Amitabh Bachan ,been roped in by BJP pvt Ltd or Gujarat as a state.

4. Do people of  Gujarat have any objects or agitation against this move.

5. Should all the personalities stop appearing in the causes promoted by the Government of India or say Congress party pvt Ltd, because senior party leaders from congress were involved in Sikh riots of 80’s.

Note:- I love to stay away from politics and neither supporter of any of the political parties and will love to see the star on the screen alone.

What bothers is the standard of politics and kind of issues been raised and been given a hell of prime time, the most saddening part .

Note:- Link to amitabh ji’s blog.

My assumption is some one out there either needs to desperately. Despite being in 70’s Mr. Bachan , you seem to be hot and in demand. Mr. Bachan , share with us what is your secret ya raaz . Certainly for sure ,may be Mr. Bachan may not be on tele endrosing brands like past but yet again he is occupying a good chunk of time on tele like past.

Note:- The blogger has no personal interest in either of the political parties nor the personality talked about.

Interview of Mr. Bachan.


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