lll DcIaNs .SiLlY ,ArRoGaNt AnD IdOiT

This post was pending for a long time.A couple of snaps were taken and it took a good time for Lubin to get the 3 pics in one pic.In the whole process , sarang ,on the top have these cool glasses and wearing them in the pic, after the pic was taken left the computer lab , where the photo was taken. Since I am lazy to carry my lap top to school, I go down to the lab everyday. And Sarang did not even know that his glasses were lost.And I became the custodian for those glasses.

Sarang and Lubin [who is also in the pic, after me] were returning back to school after a vacation. And while taking out there luggage did forget to pull out one of their bags,which had few clothes and bedsheets. These guys did borrow a bike and did try to chase the auto by bike,but could not trace the autowala.They did talk to autowalas at Kahzkuttom autostand and did give their number as well . Nothing happened.

On the other day , these rascals , being in the lab. And the connection was slow . And they decided to smoke. And left the campus for a pack of ciggrattes and smoked outside the main gate and sat in front of the gate on the pavement ,which has grass.

As usual , one of the folks , was going to end up in another so called disaster. Since the jeans were tight, whose , I don’t know. And therefore the phone was placed by the side on the grass. Since it was time to return to the hostel , they waited for the bus and once the bus came , they hopped in. The story doesn’t end here.on the bus ,they realized, the phone is missing and stopped the bus and ran back to school from the mid way to find the phone and to there surprise the phone was still there on the grass, lucky idiots.

Now it was time to return to the hostel. And there were no autos due to festival called poogala , which I thought as pongal and wished friends and acquittance across kerala , and poogala turned out to be a local festival at Trivandrum alone, lets not deviate OK, since there was no auto and I forgot the lot of stuff in between, since it was pending
for a long time. Anyways they hopped into an auto , and guess what? I know you have seen lot of films and you must have guessed. Yessssss, they did not only find the bag back but also auto to the hostel .

Lubin:- Lost and Found his digital camera.
Sarang :- Lost and Found his bag and glasses
Priya :- Lost and Found her phone.
Meetesh:- Ended up being in Kannur[city]instead of Kaloor[place in cochin] in cochin [city] and still managed to attend the interview.And also turned down the offer humbly.

Since I go to bed early , but I did wake up to read these sms one after another since lubin shared them about the bag they had lost and rest the story was told face to face when they found the bag. Sarang your Rs 20/- is with me, we got buy a cadbury. Sarang did sponsor my and lubin ticket to LSD. Yeap I do remember now I got to pay you some
60 bucks as well.

Guys you suck ! And I love you for that .

We were students at DCSMAT Media and Business School ,Trivandrum. In fact I am an alumni and rest of the folks are finishing there BSC in animation.

There’s 3 Dcians for you. silly, arrogant and idiot .


3 responses to “lll DcIaNs .SiLlY ,ArRoGaNt AnD IdOiT

  1. Even I feel Funny about things Ive lost & Found. About others, its more than just a Funny thought. Ur Kannur-Kaloor Confusion was the Joke of the Week in our Campus. For the remembrance of all these, Im still losing things…(I lost Basil’s Pendrive Today morning). As Sarangh’s Representative, Ill Consider the Debts u need to pay him anytime U Come downwards India.
    We too Love you…

    • Being a human , I have the luxury of hearing wrong.

      I did it unintentionally. And did you ever overhear , intentionally. Plz share.

      The fact is I did mess up

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