My ReEbOk EaSytOnE AnD DiLeEmA oF mY bUmS AnD bElLy

sorry pop and ma , you will have to wait until the next pay check of mine .from my  first pay check I will buy something for myself and will not send you some money as I promised.

There is a product  by reebok , which is called Easytone. Easytone improves muscle tone in the hamstrings, calves and glutes up to 28%And the product also claims to have minimal rub which decreases irritation. I have the proof . Do you see the gap in between those two thighs

As I make up my mind to buy these pair of shoes , my heart sinks since its very hard to part with hard earned money. So I have decided to raise funds. In case you have extra money please donate to noble cause of me buying Reebok tone. I will very soon share my account number with you.And you can also see my bums shaped up like those in add , see below.


Hey , wait a minute I am all undressed and I checked my bums in the mirror though it was sort of hard thing. Actually its not about my bums but my belly. Any ways if you are a good philanthropist, then donate money for my reebok reetone. It is of course a good cause, atleast from behind I have a “tight ass” and you can catch a glimpse of me dancing like those models.

I wish companies come out with products for bellies like mine.Perhaps Easytone.


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