AgOny Of A bLoGgEr.

I have been under constant agony.

According to an online dictionary “Agony” means
ag·o·ny (g-n)
n. pl. ag·o·nies
1. The suffering of intense physical or mental pain.
2. The struggle that precedes death.
3. A sudden or intense emotion: an agony of doubt.
4. A violent, intense struggle.

And when I see at the definition. I suffer all of these agonies . Now the question is why?
A very valid question to pop up in the mind of reader of this blog. Lets look or search it step by step
1. The suffering of intense physical or mental pain.- I under go this kind of pain when I wake up early in the morning and punch the keys , which is quite fun to me. But the pain is not of doing so but of not getting any kind of “Reaction” at all by the readers.

2. The struggle that precedes death :- This kind of agony I undergo , when I think I am not creative, I am not funny, I am not that good stuff. And I mourn on the slow death of me as an blogger.

3. A sudden or intense emotion: an agony of doubt:- When you know ,you did a super or the best you could and nobody notices it and nobody “Acknowledged ” it. And then I think,what has happened the folks out there? Have we as human species forgotten to “Appreciate ” or ” react” or “comment”

4.A violent, intense struggle:-It happens with me , when I don’t blog and when I don’t pen/blog things which are in my head. And it becomes a constant struggle. And one part of brain says, what is the point in blogging , nobody says anything about it? And the other part of the brain says so what , If I have my own perspective and point of view. I will express it.

The underlying question is why do some one blog ?
1. He /she is different in terms of point of view and does not have people who are of broad mind and heart of understand and accept the others point of view.
2. A blogger is one ,who has his own code and will not compromise with it.
3. A blogger , blogs because he thinks , he will find people , who are on the same page has he is on.
4. A blogger is poor at social skills , he will not mix with people because they are rich, sexy or whatever, he /she wants genuine people . And who will accept the blogger for what he is and not what he is suppose to be.
5. A blogger is the change, he wants to see in the world.

As a human I have realized and practiced the most powerful 3 A’s. Apologize, Acknowledge and Appreciate.
I don’t what you to be in any agony by doing so , if you don’t believe in it at all.

My agony as a human is I am simple and just me and talk small. And what is your agony?


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