In future. Will be wash Bottom and Hands like this !

It is been quite a while that I have not blogged. A friend of mine asked me , is my creativity exhausted. No not yet. Yes time is a constrain. My apologizes.

*How would it be that there is no more water? And we clean our bottoms with toilet papers and clean our hands with products which have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which are beneficial in eradication of harmful microorganisms and there is  no water needed at all.

Actually on my way to Warehouse, which is my first point from home to office. There is a hoarding of a product by Himalaya called Pure Hands. And even Dettol also launched a product similar to it (in terms of usage). When I saw the hoarding , the first thing came to my mind was , Mr.Monk ( a character of a serial called Monk ,on star world)
And I have been lately reading about water shortage in Banglore.The days are not far when we would actually be Wiping  our ass with toilet paper and clean our hands with products like Himalaya Pure hands.

And since there will no water to bath, we will use deodorants. Deodorants like Denver will be recommended , yes of course there will no water.What will happen to bikinis then? I am concerned.But what will we drink? You think , will we need a filter system to re filter. Just a thought.

There is a section of people in Banglore , who hate to bathe. And use deos to large extent. I think we should take some inspiration from them. While being in Kerala , I have seen my classmates bathing atleast twice a day. My dear friends ,whomsoever it might be , please bathe 1 time or 1 1/2 times max. The 1/2 time is taking a spunch bath. Despite bathing once I am still stinking. I need denver deo.


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