Bookmarks and Books.

Am not a voracious reader . I did say I am a book collector cum reader. And it is very difficult to finish a book. I am currently reading about 3-4 books. On my last to last weekend I did visit the book fair ,because I read they were offering 80% discount , but no that was not true at all . Anyways,It is very difficult to remember , where I had read last . I usually use  a pencil as bookmarker ,but the problem is I have been reading 3 books and underline things I like the most. The books are from self help to stocks. I just have a pencil and 3 books. Alas! Back in the Warehouse ,which is the space I park myself everyday have many bookmarkers ,its a product directory ,mentioning the products available at our stores.But I have consciousness and I only carry a bag few print outs of reports back to home, that is it .Our company has launched two stores at two different locations. And the leaflets were printed and inserted in the newspapers of the readers of that locality. I have not asked the impact of the activity has been. Since a big chunk of spending and hanging out happens out on the weekends. And if you see the newspapers specailly Times of India , there is a bombardment of offers from food to clothes to what not . Recently I bought a FM radio , a desi one infact. The ones you must have seen at small or the smallest of the hotels. I love the shape and size it comes  in. And it plays non-stop until I don’t push my self to work. And keep hearing a hell of offers  from bossini to brandfactory to lifestyle and it goes on ……………… and on……………. One fine morning I woke  and the ET was on my doorsteps. I think it must have been a weekend like this one. There were about 5-6 leaflets out of which atleast a couple of leaflets were the same. Now you can understand the reason one of the flaw in this system of promotion and to p of that ,a rascal like me ,rather then reading those leaflets and taking advantage , folded them horizontally and cut them to be used as bookmarks. And even todays ET has about 6 leaflets out of which two are the same. And they are of thick glossy paper , that makes them worthy as my bookmarks. There are two things I did like to say No 1. I am Marwadi and No 2. Credit card is not on my radar.


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