Freedom ( Independence day ) And We Retailers.

A friend of mine did send me an sms on 14th Aug wishing me happy Independence day in advance. And it did not invoke any emotion in me . I have never seen the prade on the 15 th August on tele which is followed by Prime Minister addressing the nation.Though did see a big flag being tied to an auto , people wearing those batches , sold by children on the road side. Its not anymore about the Independence , its all about freedom. Yes freedom , we retailers found the connection with freedom ( independence day) and a reason to buy. Star Bazaar’s Banner read “FREEDOM FROM HIGH PRICES”,  Planetm came with the offer called ” FREEDOM FROM YOUR JUNK”. Reliance went a step further and 1947 was the theme. Buy for Rs 1947 /- and get clothes worth of Rs 1947/-, Unior too rolled out a Plan  on same theme of 1947. A friend from School days (MBA) lost his temper when last year back some shopkepper asked what would you do with the flag? That is quite hilarious. I was visiting our outlet at Mantri Mall, a standy of a  restaurant  mentioned about it serving  Vegetarian food , stating lets eat vegetarian food on occassion of 15th August remembering our great leaders. Food , wow ! I love the idea. The other day ( couple of days before 15 th Aug) a shop had hoisted the flag and the flag was hoisted upside down and one of them noticed and got it corrected. Bank of Baroada on 15th Aug ( advertisement in Business Line) read on front page” freedom is to use technologies that give wings and not tie hads” ( A line from the add) .


from lies,

from our ego’s

from our fears,

is the freedom and only freedom.

And when I saw a banner of Reliance trend , I could not understand what was it all about 1947 and then I realized , its the year we got Independence……………………………. , from what I am still wondering.


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