Today while brushing my teeths a word came to my  mind “Money” . And here I am here infront of my lap typing this post.

“Money does not makes one beautiful

neither powerful”

And lyrics of Daud , titles tracks runs in back of my mind sung by Remo and Usha Utap.

ajab daud hai gazab daud hai ki ye zindagi yaaro daud hai
koyi agge te koyi pichchhe ki agadam-bagadam daud hai
paise di hai daud o loggo ko
daud danaadan daud hai hai daud he he daud

Money has two sides  like that of a coin . A positive and a negative side. There isn’t much to talk about the positive side of money because people who have made heck of money and use moeny as a tool to evolve as a individual and help others to evolve as well.

I am more interested in the Negative side of money . Negative side is nothing but the ego , the attitude and the arrogance  and delusion  which comes as the package .

Weather a person has  money,no money will still leave under a roof with four corners , will still eat through mouth, breathe through the nose , wash the anus with hands ( faucet ) still use hands  and kiss using a tonuge.

Who gives a damn about quality. The rich with (negative) attitude might wear brands , a common man will wear clothes. The rich might buy a luxury car a common man will buy a second car or a two wheeler. Looking at the traffic , the 45 lakh worth of car moves at pace of snail. I think I can reach faster by walking then by traveling in a four wheeler.

The point of being rich ( negatively) is to be as no one else . Eat through nose , see through mouth  etc……………otherwise what is the point in being rich ( negatively) and what is the difference between a rich (negatively) and a common man.

The rich may eat Basmati rice and a common man ordinary rice and next morning it is nothing but human facet and which flushed down.

These days any one can walk in Mcdonalds to have a Burger for Rs 25 or Rs 30 . The customer service associates in my organization have better handsets like Blackberry and etc…. then me. Though those are second hand but still the brand like Nokia and model like E73 or E 72 ( if am correct) is what they possess.

I have seen a few customers ,who think they are the kings , the tone there voice, there body language makes the most sickest people on the earth. These people   ” DERIVE THE POWER FROM THEIR POSITION RATHER THEN DERIVING THERE POWER AS A HUMAN BEING” Its seems they are people who have those invisible horns which they wear every day and every moment ,even while sitting on the commode ” I AM X OF Y COMPANY”.

Surplus money in the back account is the sign that one is lucky that one’s hard work and perseverance has paid off and he is lucky to be working with a team which has clicked collectively.

If you are rich ( negatively) then live under a roof with 5 corners, have a mobile phone implanted inside yourself, go to office by a flying car or dress differently may be like that singer , lady Gaga. You got to be different from us , in all your ways. That is only  way you can differentiate yourself from us , otherwise there is no point you having money and exhibiting . At the end of the day you and common man will use tonuge for almost same purpose excluding the exceptions.

Lastly  while being thirsty  ,rich (negatively) and common man  both drink plain water . For rich (negatively) it must be branded and a common man its just water.

Mr/Ms Rich (negatively) you call only break hearts with money you have  but never mend hearts.

Life is about numerous moments  and not only money (negative) alone.

Note:-Under ESOP the workers of SKS Micro Finance  have become millionaires, after the company got listed (IPO). That is the money ( positive) . Me becoming one will take another decade . I am optimist. How about you?What would you like to be Money (positive) or Money ( negative) .


4 responses to “MONEY MONEY MONEY……………………..

  1. I remember a joke after reading this article: “After losing a dear one, the rich and the poor share the same grief. But, somehow it is comfortable to cry inside a Mercedes Benz with the AC on, rather than leaning on a cycle.”

  2. Dude Meethesh !
    wat hpnd to u ? did some filthy rich bastard insult u ? or is it tht ur just jealous of them? it actually gives away tht ur a stingy person. well first of all y do u think only bout the negative side. earn money, enjoy little bit, save rest for future. This theory looks good only in books brother. without cash u will be f#$ked.

    • Dear Daksh.

      Every point of view is welcomed. I suppose , I am not sure but sometimes I tend to think , I am somewhat close to socialist way of life. Neither was I insulted nor am I jealous of the rich. We have perspectives, I did share mine. Anyways I agree with you to earn and enjoy and save a bit.

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