My CiTy BeNgAlUru :- WhO wAsHeS and IrOnS 4 U

In the evening on saturday I was going to my library to return and pick books. I just happen to see a queue . Wow! The association of queue to me in kerala was always with the liquor shops or say the queue at the ticket counter at the railway station or at best a theatre, now the multiples. Back before joining the course of PGDM at our school in DCSMAT,Trivandrum our admission officer to impress us said we would be having washing machines, but to our disappoint the buckets were the spin tub ( unless you soaked the clothes in the detergent) .The other campus at Vagamon did have washing machines , I am not sure about girls hostel, we stayed at the boys for couple of  days when companies came to hire us with course in the last phase. And the entire washing was manual for us , from scrubbing ,rubbing to removing the soap from clothes to drying them as well. And few of us who were either lazy or didn’t knew how to iron the clothes, hostel watchmen who was suppose to guard the hostel got a an0thre  stream of income by ironing clothes besides washing as well.I was even lazier of the lot, since my most of the clothes I bought from home while the course started was not pure cotton and it was mix of both (synthetic)  and after washing and hanging them by using  a hanger , there were not many wrinkles ,which could be denied or neglected, atleast I did until I bought Lenin shirts.In banglore I stay in Kormangala and there is a shop which takes your clothes in lot of Kgs . I happen to ask the guy on the counter a few days back ,how it works out. A Kg of clothes cost Rs 40 and on an average A kg of clothes can be around 4-8 max, unless you want to give your underpants as well.  Lets say A kg of clothes is 6 ,so 40/6 is about 6.5 Rs per cloth after washing  and ironing . Yes the queue I was talking about was people lined up to give there clothes to wash and iron. Amazing isn’t it. Yesterday night I did go to forum mall at Kormangala for what even I don’t remember, but I still don’t know and understand the concept of window shopping ,anyways there was a standy and it was all about the shoe cleaning , precisely it was about  snickers. Wow ! clothes ,snickers and what should be next? Since saturday was week off , which is a rare incident I washed  the wash basin in my room , which was not dirty but still I wanted it to be clean. And may be next week off or so I need to wash my snickers and yes its time to bring down the clothes from the terrace ,which I washed on saturday and make a ginger tea in my kettle( with milk ,ofcourse) and head to office by having breakfast on the way. I will have idli , how about you? Have a great day!


2 responses to “My CiTy BeNgAlUru :- WhO wAsHeS and IrOnS 4 U

  1. Once, in a peer group, I heard some one commenting that ‘ if my office is air conditioned, I could avoid washing my clothes frequently.’ Well, washing has been a traditional head ache for women and I am happy that men share that head ache atleast when they are bachelors. I stay in a hostel where there are no washing machines. I wish there are disposable dresses. Taking in to account the amount spend on detergents, deos and ironing (considering their booming prices as well), I strongly support disposable dresses.

  2. Hi !

    I was of opinion and belief that men were human beings as well. The person was right to some extent , one could wear the same shirt for couple of times rather then just once.There are lot of clothes available for price of peanuts ,which can be termed as disposable.

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