I recently came across a line , I don’t remember where I did read it  and line was ” MBA is about ethics” .It stuck me hard ,very hard in fact. Other day a classmate of ours started a group on google and we got a e-mail asking us what had we learnt in last six months since we passed out and now working in different organization and the responses were just the silly talk and nothing much.I have been recently been reading a book called “First things first by Stephen covey” .It is an amazing book. If we read the book one could understand the crux of the book was introspection and awareness. In B-school we were never thought what introspection is ? The direction of the institute did  propose to introduce yoga to us but none of us were interested , yoga can be a good tool for awareness. The book emphasis on the value system and  integrity .I happen to see the movie “Rocket singh” by Yash raj banner, the movie is one classic management movie. The  movie should be watched, least discussed and mostly practised. Particularly I remember a scene where the protagonist says to the ex- employer ” You were always obsessed about numbers and concerned about numbers only but the fact is the when people who work with you are happy the numbers increase by themselves”. The protagonist says in another scene “Business is not a scheme or a crookedness but people and people alone “. The protagonist forms his own company called Rocket sales corporation with people of AYS ( there present organization) who were not given there due, the receptionist , the peon . And Rocket sales corporation soared to success because they were a ” Value driven ,quality driven and above all there were people driven ,who were treated and given all due credits “.In another scene ,where Rocket sales corporation accepts a big order for computers and the supplier of  parts was small, one of the partner suggest to source the parts from elsewhere the Protagonist ( Ranbir Kapoor, Harpreet Singh Bedi) turns  down the opinion and quotes the supplier was one who trusted and helped them to build the business by giving credit and when Rocket sales is growing , he will not just let the supplier be left out. You may say its fiction , its a movie . I will certainly agree with both the facts and they will remain the same until we practise them and build organizations like Rocket sales corporation of our own or atleast build a value system in the organization where we work. At last I did forget to mention you the protagonist in this movie was not an MBA and just passed his with 38% or 36%.He was not jargon ,ego and attitude oriented ,he was just value oriented and people oriented.And “Integrity” was essence of their business.


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