Love for Ads:- We’re Blackberry Boys.

I have been through era of Ekta Kapoors Nataks , the adds were more entertaining then the those serials. Recently I saw this add which is called We’re Blackberry boys. It is a superb add.

Credits Client : Vodafone, India,National Creative Director : Rajiv Rao,Creative Directors : Rajesh Mani and Mehul Patil ,National Account Head : Kapil Arora,Account Management : Sarang Wahal and Prithviraj Shetty,Director : Prakash Varma,Producer : Sneha and Lisa,Production House: Nirvana Films

This add campaign is created by O&M. (,om-creates-new-tvc-for-the-blackberry-boys.aspx) The video is quite amazing starting off with the guys in the suits and the cool guys start joining in and the guys in the suits seem to be confused .  That is cool . The jingle is awesome , even though I don’t use blackberry , I am still murmuring the jingle. ” We’re the Blackberry boys, we chat, we mail oooooooohoo”


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