Sweet tooth.

On the way back to home from  warehouse at Domlur  on just the half way  on left  side of pavement a boy starts putting things into place. A table on which he palces a weighing machine , a box ,which has glasses three sides and one side is open. Firstly he warms the ghee in the frying pan by burning wood  below in a cylindrical bhanti (oven ) .During winter season back home in jodhpur, specially on social occasion like weddings , a big pan  in which  milk is hoted and stirred for quite a good time with lot of saffron ( Kesar) until then the water content of the milk evaporates . And there after the milk is juggled from one jug to jug before being poured in a small cup made of mud ( Kulada)  with pieces of sliced  pistachio (Pista) not salted ,of course.There are certain sweets ,which are first fried and then are dipped into a thick sugar syrup , so the sweets just don’t be crunchy and crispy but sweet as well. To name a few Iimatri, Jalebi, Malpuva ,Ghevara and Mava Ki Kachori.The boy ,who we left at  Domlur is from Rajasthan. I just forgot his name. Lapse of memory you see. He once offered a cup of tea and he insisted, the tea tasted good ,  masla tea is irresistible to turn down.Once the ghee is warm enough , he takes the dough in a cloth ,which is almost a 1 1/2 times of a handkerchief ,which is to withhold the dough and then he let the dough through the cloth in the pan in a circle motion at a time in different spots of the pan.And then uses a chimti (         ), to turn both the sides   until the dough ,which is evolving into crispy  and pinkish in colour.And when a whole batch of those dough in the pan is pinkish ,they take a  swim in the pool of sugar syrup and here is the Jalabei ready. Hot , crispy and tasty.Now I will share the Math of Jalebi from a sweet shop point of view  Jalebi = Dough +Ghee+ Sugar Syrup. The trick to make good margins is let the jalebi from pan to pool of sugar syrup is ,let it be immersed in the syrup for a quite a good time, once that is done . The lesser numbers of Jalebi will weigh , purely because the sugar syrup has more weight then the Jalebi itself. So back home during winters and the marriages of course , a counter is placed ,where on one side Jalebi is been made ( In different sizes and different sweetness) besides the milk counter on the other hand. A Jalebi ,which is less sweeter then the jalebi usually cost more. A sweet shop @ jodhpur charge about Rs 30-60 extra for a Kg for Jalebi being less sweeter.I prefer less sweeter.

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