Every morning when I get up , I have a toughest question to answer. What is purpose of  my life? I have just joined the group of office goers and in the short span , I have started asking what is the point of making a living. I have no clue. Yes we go to school to college to office to marriage to children  and finally to grave. That is the cycle , which everyone has to go partially in the same order until one hoops to grave .What is that one thing which gives meaning to all these things ? I am puzzled. Are we suppose to chase our dreams . What are we suppose to do? I feel the vaccum in myself. I just thought and felt , I must have stopped learning. So now I learn a few new words and few new tricks here and there .And the emptiness still lures.I pray , I read , I listen music and watch movies and I am still the same. Can somebody out there tell me or share how to make my life meaningful from meaningless.I hope atleast someone out there will have the same dilemma as mine. At times I am ok with this emptiness and sometime it kills me. I ask myself, why do I wake up in the morning ? or why the urge to write? Is there a button ,by which we could forward the reel called life and see how we fared in our lifes and then relive from this present moment.Am I getting too filmy.Finally the cruz , what are we suppose to do with our lifes? Awaiting for your reply.

Note:- The writer has a stable mind as yours . The only symptom he is diagnosed with is, being expressive .Some might call him “Nuts ” and some ” Blogger”.And he respects your point of view.Caution ,only a nuts is competent enough to identify another nuts.And writer hopes you are not one .


yours sincerely



4 responses to “HELP !

  1. life is a path where you chose what should be done, keeping in mind it goes in favor of everyone around without hurting anyone. do as you like, follow your dreams, and keep your loved ones happy. you can chose different believes for your path to go along. either of spiritualistic or of naturalistic. to start off learn something about ‘kalki avatar’ if you may or about global warming. rest is all your life that has to go along.

  2. HI!

    This is bookgirl61. I used to ask myself the same question, why am I here, and what is my purpose. Half my life I strived to climb the ladder, please people, find a purpose. I have two biological children and two step children (so four) and I consider them all mine.

    When I was really young, I needed to always be doing something, going somewhere or have some sort of plans. I am also very creative and at times have wanted to POP with the ideas that I get. I started out painting and drawing and wound up up as a writer or as I tell others “I paint pictures with words.”

    Like you I also read, write and watch movies. I prefer fiction, although I have done my share of self help reading and have learned a lot. I also have an hour and fifteen minute ride to and from work so I resort to listening to audio books instead of music or talk radio.

    So to get to your question what is our purpose? I have thought long and hard on this and my answer is this: Just to be. I don’t know if this will make sense to you, but when I think about all the times I have worried about something and it turns out to be nothing or how lucky I am and grateful that I am unique and can only enjoy the life experience in my unique way it makes sense to me.

    If you think about it we are all connected. I found your blog, and I believe that was meant to be. I also think that everyone fits into this world like a piece of a gigantic puzzle. I don’t pretend to know why there are so many things go wrong in the world but I would like to think it is to show us how we can be right. In other words, I believe that we are shown things to teach us how we either do not want to be or how we want to be. I read somewhere that people who test our patience are our greatest teachers. I truly believe that.

    As far as the emptiness, I have not felt empty in a long time. I can say that I am never bored and that I make each moment count whether it is reading, watching a movie, researching, writing, or just being. When I learned that I and only I am responsible for my happiness that is when I stopped feeling lonely and empty. I truly love spending time with just me no matter what it is.

    I hope this helps you and I would really love to know what you think!


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