Love of Adds :- Tata Sky.

These days Tata sky has aired few new adds. I have seen couple of them . 1. Where amir is a Milk man and the other where he is a salesman. There are too good. And quite entertaining. It is quite amazing to express the message ,while also being creative and humors, its one of the toughest job. Hats off to admakers! The concept are called “Truchoice” and ‘subscription holiday’ service

After playing a cantankerous elderly Sikh man and a newly wed bride and groom in previous Tata Sky commercials, Aamir Khan has now donned the guise of a milkman in the latest brand campaign.

In the commercial, Khan is surprised when he gets only half a month’s payment from a customer for the milk. When the customer explains it’s because the family were away on holiday for the other half of the month, Khan gets his entire payment out by insisting the cow gave milk for the entire month. He overrides the man’s protests and even manages to get an additional day’s money by reminding the customer the previous month had 31 days. The ad ends with the voiceover telling the viewer not to give money when they go on holiday to the milkman or even to Tata Sky thanks to a new ‘subscription holiday’ service by the company.

Anup Chitnis, executive creative director of Ogilvy & Mather, said of the new character for Khan, “We’re always looking for Aamir to play interesting roles. In the case of this TVC and the one for the Sardaar, inspite of being the brand ambassador, he doesn’t play the protagonist. The idea was just ‘Jabardasti ho raha hai’ [it’s happening by force] if you go on a holiday and get charged by the milkman or newspaperman.”

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather,Executive creative director: Anup Chitnis,Creative director: Mangesh Someshwar,Associate creative director: Nitin Pradhan,Vice president (servicing): Samrat Bedi,Account director: Havel Patel,Production house: Corcoise Films,Director: Prasoon Pandey


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