It was the usual conversation , we,five men and the talk was politics  , of course . Back home , on the weekends specially on the sundays , either we or uncles from B road would drop in for dinner mostly. And prior to it the tea sipping and of course the game of cards, which I am not good at and  a conversation about the politics. And each one of the uncles and pa trying to outsmart each other by sharing what they happen to read in newspapers or saw on the news channel or heard from someone, whom they consider as reliable.I have seen PM  like P.V. Narshima Rao, I.K Gujral, H.D. Devagowda, Vajpayee and lastly the current Prime Minister with his second term,Manmohan Singh . I have heard about the verdict of Bofors case, the Bhopla’s gas tragedy, Ayodhya verdict, Sikh riots in 80’s and the Gujarat riots  to name a few . And the latest the Common wealth games and the Adarsh Colony scam. The justice is not only delayed but also denied. The system is so meek. What is the point in talking about politics in the frist place, I never understood? Recently the Karanataka ‘s BJP formed  Government and the “Nataka” , was just shameful. The point is , now it is very much accepted norm that all politicians and Political parties are corrupt .And suggestions in air is always lingering about a two party system. There is optimisms. Can we dare to ask a question , why is the political system so ? I remember a line from Hindi movie Gangajaal , where ,Ajay Devgan ,says ” Every society gets  the police of same nature as they are”  .If society is corrupt , so will  be police and politicians , as well.  Can corruption be uprooted, no never ,until the parameter of measuring a person is his/her intellect, character and  not his/her bank balance.We pay people for what they are suppose to do. A cousin of mine lost his cellphone and we needed to file a report to get a insurance claim. And we went and it was done quickly and as intended to walk out after saying “Thank you” , the policewala , asked for moeny. I offered Rs 50 , and ended up paying Rs 100/-. A lot of independent candidate or Political party by Baba Ramdev , is not going to change anything. If change has to be happen, then it should start from each one of us. We need to change as an individual ,first.I did also try to vomit the knowledge I had grasped by reading the newspapers , among those other 4 men. And I have the guilt of having waste my energy and our time.Because , who want to change anyway?



  1. To some extend yes…I would share what I found in a small place like Maldives…The Government is so strict..From the moment you get down at the airport to the way to your room..You get to see the Governments effort in making the place a bribe free. A new comer gets a detention of atleast 15mins to clear everything you are…Even if you are the ministers son u dont get any concessions..The place is clean and beautiful…Bribe definately is a huge problem as it not just affects a small section or office but the whole society..Corruption has to be uprooted ……It has to be a combined effort..Even when I am saying this I know I am making no sense to the Indian Public as We Indians are used to it..

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