Due to change in my  itinerary instead of flying to Jaipur from Bangalore and then to Jodhpur. I flew to Delhi and boarded a train toJodhpur. Since the program was last moment I got a confirm ticket in second sitting , fromDelhi to Jodhpur a twelve hour journey or so.Recently a comment by Rahul Gandhi ,made news“Congress is the only party to unit the twoHindustans”, I am not sure what he meant by it.Meanwhile , we been reading India is going to be a superpowerful  in next two decades or so. The statementmade by Rahul Gandhi ,tickles me. I think a part of India will emerge as Powerful. And rest not. Theerest of India is the fellow passengers of the train,who had no reservation ,but yet wanted a berth,or a seat until the next destination ( passengers, who to and fro on daily basis) while traveling with ordinary tickets. And the passengers flocked in every possible space available including the toilet. A fellow passenger who sat next to me, who had no reservation,when saw the space for laugage was empty , made that space has his bed ,until his destination arrived in the morning.These fellow passengers are those who blame Government for everything and anything. From procreating more offspring to not sending them to schools andstill being caste oriented to having second-hand point of view .As long as we ,Indians have the syndrome of “Passing the buck” and take no responsibility for ourselves , we will remain the two Hindustans forever.People claim the prices of petrol have gone up, point taken, if petrol is really costly and is not affordable then there must be decline in the consumption,which is not happening on the other side there is a record sale of four wheelers and two wheelers.Wow ,how contradictory.we are? It is not the Government , which can change the fate of a nation. Government can create an environment and policies. It is upto us to explore and evolve from there on.some years back a statement was made by then Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Tejendra Khanna, “North Indians feels it is a matter of pride to break the law and get away without being penalized for it”.North is the word to be omitted from the statement.Neither did TT ,came to our compartment and nor could we sit comfortably in our reserved seats.


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