StOrIeS, oUr StOrIeS.

Stories. They fascinate us.All of us have a story to say,but how many of us dare to say them. Some are hidden behind those meaningless smiles and some which die in the isolation in each one of us.Some stories have beginning ,infact most have a beginning but not an end ,after all our stories are not fairy tales ,they may or may not be happy ending in them.Each story has an interpretation, if we wish we can freeze each moment and think about them scene by scene in our minds. There can be good stories, the ok ones , the bad ones  and the most of the stories are mediocre stories. We are not those actors of television , who play a character. We play our self in our daily life.Our parents don’t  tell there stories ,partly because we don’t want to hear them and partly , they may not want to be humiliated . Every story has a purpose and without one there will be none, none at all.Now a days , we pull stories from thin air. Our stories are shallow, meaningless and vague. Theme of our stories are nothing but “FUCK”, “SEX”, “BRANDS” ,”ALCOHOL” AND “MONEY”. Our stories are like the stories from “CALIFORINCATION”. Each one of us may want to be  David Duchovny ( Hank Moody) or Madeline Zima ( Mia Lewis).Our stories are repetitive and there is no progression in them. We think ,we have the helm on our stories but the fact is , we are not.Ask oneself , is this is the way you did like your story to be or be told . We wear numerous social mask and we are so use them ,that it does not matter . Every story has to have a conflict and without a conflict,there can be no story at all. The conflicts back then were issue of survival and now conflicts have swung to being ego centric. The way we talk English or being pompous at best wearing revealing clothes . It indicates how incompetent we are getting in writing / living a story of ourselves. Are we the original writers of our stories or do we look in someone’s bin and recycle a story which can be created . Who wants to write an original story anyway in era of plagiarism. Only those stories will be remembered and also kept secret ,which had a purpose , which shattered us from within. I think its time for Charile sheen ( Charile Harper ) to move on in 2 1/2 men. So whats your story? My story has lot of elements and I am confused about them.



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