mY cItY bEnGaLuRu :- Don’t kill Bangalore for your Gratification.

“Lifestyle ” a word coined by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler

Lifestyle means “A lifestyle is a characteristic bundle of behaviors that makes sense to both others and oneself in a given time and place, including social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. The behaviors and practices within lifestyles are a mixture of habits, conventional ways of doing things, and reasoned actions.”

I have come back to Bangalore after a span of about twelve years , which been my home for about fifteen or so years. The city has changed immensely .One can see more Coffee Cafe Day outlets , ( according to wikipeida, there are six outlets in a 2 km (1 mi) radius and over 140 cafes in Bangalore alone ) then the huts ( not literally) and now Dominos and Pizza hut ,pooping up every where besides the malls. But the fact is the city is very much the same , it is the people who have changed.

Today evening it just started to drizzle and wanted to get back home without being drenched further. I just stopped an auto. The autodriver , asked for Rs30 , the minimal fare will be Rs 20. After my persuasion, he agreed for minimal fair. And another passenger also hopped in along , who spoke in Hindi and autodriver , demanded Rs 40( for his destination) and no further bargin . The auto driver commented ” I am charging you Rs 20 becuase you are speaking Kannada” .Another strange instance happened today,while traveling by bus as usual from Majestic , a Hindi speaking chap was kicked by leg by one of the fellow passenger , for what reasons I am not sure . The chap sweared the best he could. While,” The autodriver also claimed there is hardly any people,who speak kannada, anymore in Kormangala “( the area ,where I reside)

Is Bangalore city in state of chaos , a silent , very silent one. Is there a time bomb ticking somewhere .

Since I happen to see a glimpse of cricket match somewhere , so I decided to drop in a coffee shop near by and watch the match ,while sipping some hot coffee ,since I was a bit drenched. Next to my table , there were two guys and a girl seated. And they were conversing in English.The girl said to them ” I don’t flirt with him, but I flirt with all other men” And has the match progressed , so did there conversation , then the girl said ” He thinks I don’t smoke , but I do”.And as India got close to winning the match , the girl asked for the cigarette lighted it , had a puff or two .

Yes , Bangalore has entered , very much in era of Pantyhose/stockings and shorts ( which are shorter then my underpants/boxers). So what exactly are we talking about ? A word came to my mind “lifestyle” And how can one not see girls wearing certain tops and one side of there strap been lowered then usual?

It was sunday, last sunday , since I visit our store in Brigade road ,once in while . I was on my way to the store , a bunch of guys were standing outside a store on the pavement and they said ” firstly they ( girls) wear revealing clothes and try to cover the same” and laughed.

Guys , what are we upto as a whole , as a society? I don’t know why all these events occurred on the same day? A girl kissed a guy on his cheeks in one of the mall I visited today.We are falling for PDA , are we.

Bangalore is truly a cosmopolitan city and has welcomed everyone .Have we embarrassed the city in the same true spirit ( not exaclty one which Mr.Mallya offers) is a question we need to ask.

There are numerous people from different parts of country and speaking different languages . Most of people , specially ,who work in specific sectors of industry and to acquire professional degrees , who may / may not be belonging to three tire kind of cities and really want to enjoy (there so called freedom) with ofcourse disposable incomes at there end, need to understand there acts do have an impact and since imitation is the easiest form of learning ,after all.

Yes , we have every right to live our lifes , the way we want . But not at expenses of hurting the sentiments and spirit of a city. Lastly we need to mingle with people , with culture of the city and blend and gel with point of views as well.

In 90′s, a family from some part of India landed in Bangalore . And the children , were not comfortable mingling with local-ides , for whatever reasons. I heard sometime back , the daughter of same family got married to a local guy.

A cousin of mine back in 90′s was in Bangalore for his internship during engineering . He and his friends learned a few words in kannada , which meant ” I don’t know kannada” , and that sentence bought a smile on the faces of bus conductors often.

If one can not embrace us as a whole , the city , people and the language and if one does not  identify oneself with the rest , then at least be humble.

”  Bangalore belongs to those , who belong to Bangalore”


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