From Jungle :- Save our Tigers.

Its sunday , I was having my brunch and watching the news in the dinning hall of the hotel. I have been seeing , news items in the television about saving our tigers and posters on the walls . Our cricket team captain  Mahinder singh Dohni  and Mr.Amitabh Bachan  are the voice of the campaign . The telecom service provider Aircel and NDTV  is also part of this very important initiative. “Saving tigers ” seems cool. This whole initiative has bought a lot of people on board ,including our Prime Minister ,Dr. Manhmohan singh as well , besides other known personalities , who have shared there concerns.Since I had been a law student , I do remember some of the acts /laws made for protection of the widelife , like this act Indian wildlife protection act of 1972 , and this must be one of the laws.  I have grown up in the urban part of India . And to my knowledge there were not even parks to play for us . And always had a hard time to get back the ball , if it landed in the wrong house . In my entire life I have been just to one  wildlife sanctuary , in a van along with lot of other people with a guard ( who had a gun). Lets save our “Tigers”, but from whom? Ofcourse the poachers,who esle? There was another news item on the news channel , somewhere in TN , the guards of the sanctuary ( where tigers are present) had spears and arrows , to save what I am not sure? Though I am not much of wildlife lover, but I do mistakenly watch discovery channel and how the wildlife is saved. The integration of technology , is essential  to save these extincting species. The animals are kept track by using GPS devices, which are inserted in them .To be honest we urban India have nothing to do with saving tigers except intellectualize about the issue and create content for the television. The real issues  is to investment in preserving the wildlife as a whole and not just the tigers.  To create funds for educating , training , sharing , integrating technology for people with whom rest the responsibilities  of these sanctuaries. If I remember a case against Mr. Pataudi ( ex- crickter) , was let free ,against whom there was a case of poaching of a black buck.t is presumably villagers and the Royals , who poach animals . I am not sure , can we educate the Royals. Lets try with villagers ( pessimistically ) . I remember  the campagin of  ” Chota parivar sukhi  parivar ” ( samll family a family) and ” Hum Do ,Humarie Do” ( We two and ours two) and yet we are the second most populated country in the world.” We bloody humans”( Indians). Last but not least I have no guns at home and neither do I know how to set up booby traps  and I stay hundreds of Kms away from wildlife.And yet to try my hands on arrow and bow .

Note:- Poaching as I know (To take or appropriate something unfairly or illegally.) like talented manpower from one organization to other for better compensation, flashy offices  and  fancy designations , of course.



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