Idiot Box and Talk shows.

I exactly don’t remember ,when I started watching the talk shows.Oprah’s show was quite popular one on the cable. I didn’t enjoy it much. Expect for one episode where she gave away a brand new car to every audience seated in that episode.I happen to be watching ” The Larry Sanders show”  a sitcom,aired in US from 1992-1998 on HBO,staring Garry Shandling . And it is quite good . I thoroughly enjoy it.Couple of days back ,heard about Larry King did bid adieu ( talk show Larry King live on CNN) .Larry , with 25 years and 50,000 guest  , cool record. I have seen a few of  episodes on CNN.It is very different one from Jay Leno‘s show NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.And that of David Letterman‘s show  Late Show with David Letterman on CBS.

In  mid 2000’s Shekar suman started off talk shows on same lines of those of Jay Leno and David Letterman and  was quite good.Back then I suppose we as an audience must not have understood what exactly talk shows are about. Now I don’t know off and think there are any talk shows with same punch as that of Shekar. I use to watch that show on daily basis.

Most of the talk shows are more political like , The Devil’s Advocate by Karan Thapar on IBN CNN . I think , it is time we Indian’s should have atleast  a couple of  talk shows of our own. And for God sake that would be least thing on the tele with the unwanted Melodrama of daily soaps.

The Monologues are the life of the talk shows and the content is quite fresh and not mundane like the daily soaps , which is been churned day in and day out , old wine in bottle and to add to them the reality shows with lot of melodrama  is the last thing to be watched on the  tele.

There is another show on  IBN CNN called  The Week that wasn’t by Cyrus Broacha. Which is quite good.But I don’t think it can be termed as a talk show. Mock , to an extent yes. It is a good one. Haven’t seen one lately.

Last but not the least talk shows are good entertainers. Ekta are you listening? Mr. Shekar Suman, I think its time to make some money by being an host then just laughing. Don’t laugh at the talent you have.Time to make a come back?


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