I wIsH mY bEtTeR 1/2 DoEsN’t SmOkE.

“Call it a mistaken sense of women’s emancipation, flaunting a fashion, buckling under stress or just bowing down to peer pressure, more Indian women are increasingly throwing caution to the winds and taking to tobacco use, especially smoking.


Its yet another sunday . Today started second test match between India and South Africa . And again unfortunately we lost the toss ( that is what I was told ) and ended day one with six wickets down . I have been recently watching cricket matches in one of the cafes  near to home in Kormangala.

I am from Jain community and drinking and also smoking by men is still considered a sort of taboo. Unless one is a paisawala ( rich,filthy). To be precise in middles class families ,like ours.

Usually you must have heard in  one of the conversations from your to be married sister about her fiance , he smokes /drinks once in a while.  Things may/have changed , I suppose. A scenario from pre arranged marriage , boy asks the girl , do you smoke and/or drink. The boy should not be surprised if the answer turns to be yes.

You see we are progressive as society , we (Human beings/ Women) are catching up with our counterpart on the other side of globe “America” or simply put “West”.We just now don’t speaking English, wear jeans but also have started drinking and smoking. You see we are modern after all. We don’t to be embarrassed.

In coming years the fade of DINKS  ( Double income ,no kids) will evolve as the latest fashion or possibly blossoming some place, I am yet to read about it . Fashion or Ignorance , time alone will tell.

How about your sweet heart die of a heart attack?

And back in the cafe where I hang out to watch cricket once in a while. Do have female customers , who just  don’t sip there coffess, ice teas but also smoke. And this isn’t the first time .” Women have taken up their  smoking seriously , damn seriously”

I was quite shocked to know “India is ranked 3rd on Global female smoking list

And the outcome of the smoking are – Infertility /Miscarriages/Tuberculosis / Heart attack.

Actually all this makes a lot of sense to me.

1. A new profession / jobs will be created called -surrogate mothers. Unless one is Sia from hindi movie called filhaal where she turns out to be surroage mother for her best friend.

2.The patients ( men) in the ICUs , who just underwent there heart surgeries , will atleast have  sexy women as companion , who have also underwent there heart operated.Who prefer to eat no oil and stuff so they can have perfect figure and go to gym/jog  every single day.

Recently, ITC made an announcement, that it will start manufacturing cigarettes again. It makes some sense to me.

When both boyfriend and girlfriend or  husband and wife smoke, how smoky and sexy that would be . I can’t even imagine about it.It is possible your boyfriend or husband wants to get rid of you and may even promote you smoking. Be cautions and smoke in limits.At least that will help your cause.

To all women smokers out there you are and always be  sensuous and beauty . With brains or without . The call is yours .TO BE OR NOT TO BE, OF HERD MENTALITY.TO BE A MOTHER OR NOT , TO BE A HEART PATIENT OR NOT.

When I see girls /women smoking cigarette all I say to myself ” modern women”. How un-modern of me .

Note:- Blogger is  a passive smoker.

Links:- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/India-third-on-global-female-smoking-list/articleshow/4938177.cms




One response to “I wIsH mY bEtTeR 1/2 DoEsN’t SmOkE.

  1. Hey mickey!!!!! excellent one……..really enjoyed it and you made my rest of the day………
    DINKS……heard this phrase first time………keep it going
    Now u r in my e-mail subscription…….

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