Reached , today morning around 6 am to BANGALORE from CHENNAI . And this time  opted for a Sleeper bus instead of a semi-sleeper. It is another thing that I  needed to put brakes on my bladder . Until the driver thought of having tea around 4 am.  My aunt ( father’s elder sister ) use to live in CHENNAI , in 90’s , we did visited them a couple of times on Rakhi . Well the CHENNAI , I never knew , is something to do with the stories about the stubborn chennaites not preferring to speaking any other language then Tamil.

1. The lodge, where I put up , a elderly person spoke good Hindi.

2. The hotel , where I had my breakfast and lunch , also spoke Hindi , pretty well.

3. The travel agency , where I booked my tickets, as well spoke Hindi.

The most striking thing is I never spoke to  either them in Hindi. As if it was written on my forehead , that I am Hindi speaking lad.

On my last visit to CHENNAI , which was a few days back. I happen to Watch Hindi movie Band Baaja Bharat, a good number of people were the Tamil Speaking  audience.

And to my surprise all the guards at the EXPRESS AVENUE are from eastern part of India, who communicate by and large in Hindi only. In food court of EXPRESS AVENUE , a tamil speaking guy has taken up the franchise of RAJDHANI ( a resturant) which serves Thali ( north indian ).And the Manager ( a Tamilian ) spoke good Hindi.

Its high time to correct our notions to an extent about CHENNAI. For whatever reasons , be it for sake of commerce, be it for cost or  be it an effort to blend .

Atleast from my perspective CHENNAI and CHENNAITIES are changing.

Note:- Our customer service associate ( a couple of them) know to speak Hindi . And attain the Hindi customers ,who are looking for a new mobile handsets.



2 responses to “CHENNAI , I NEVER KNEW ABOUT.

  1. I lived in Chennai for more than two years, about three year back. I must admit it is difficult to manage without learning Tamil. Only with Hindi you can not survive, but English would do.

    • I enjoying speaking tamil. Borrowing words from Kannada and English. Yes English does come handy. But local language will always sets the tempo. Be it in TN or Karnataka.

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