ShOrT StOrY:- lOvE lEtTeRs.

Every end is a beginning.

They were with her, but she never bothered to read them.And all she had was stylish clothes the coolest watches  , numerous new pair of sandals , loyatly cards and credit cards.

They were friends as everyone knew. But there was a different tune in his mind.He did like to hang out as much as possible with her .And just listened to her on the most of the occasions. It was talk about the new cool pair of jeans on sale. The new movie playing in the theaters. He was not sure , what was it ? Her face, her smile, her beautiful eyes. He thought , he could spend rest of his life by watching those eyes. He was not sure if she knew  or felt something for him too. He cared for her. She had her set of friends with whom she did hangout on most of the occasions.She was good at studies .Was quite popular as well.Neither of them remember ,how did they happen to be friends. One day they happen to catch up .And they thought hard but neither of them had clue. And had a laughter . And sipped the cold coffee.Lately he realized he had started to loose himself.He start to repeat the sentences she spoke to him. While  looking in the mirror.Mean while he happened  to get opportunities  one after another ,where it was just two of them. And it was the shopping spree for her, sales here , sales there. 50% , buy one get one free ,kept her on toes. Swiping the credit cards , carrying the bags .There were no conversations, but just two exhausted people.Lately he started to see her love for things. His cupboard had dresses ,which could be counted on fingers.In last few days , he happen to know more about brands, offers and there prices .Which was something he was never interested in. He was just very much himself.He knew ,himself .He had instincts and went after them.He was not poet but was turning out to be one.And days went by. On the corner was Valentines day.Lately to him every meet was a moment and which he kept capturing in the possible words he could.And finally the day came as it suppose to come. Valentines day.Every other boy was buying  gifts, chocolates, roses and every other possible thing one could think off .It was not roses for him. He did even forget that roses is part of the tradition.Mean while it was roses , gifts showering on her.He did not bother much about them.And with a smile ,which did not last long either , said to her I have something for you.And handed her, the  letters , in the car parking ,which would be the last place on the earth . Those letters were forgotten to be opened. After all they were just few bits of paper .A few gifts made her muse, a few did disappoint her and the roses were in the dustbin.It had been a while  since they had seen each other.He felt the ache. It was of course the mildest one.And as days went by ,he could not even visualize her face. And lately ,he was very much himself.And there was no more a poet alive in him. Just him and his new cubicle of his new job.She also started off with a job in one of the companies . Accidentally,she happens to see him  one day , calls his name loud on the road. He saw her , being hanging out of the bus , smiled and waved his hands and disappeared in a minute or two in the traffic.She felt quite strange and few of the moments in her mind came live. And few more  months pass by. During one of the lunch breaks , she happen to hear a remark about her, that she is mannequin of the malls.On the way back to home from office, she kept thinking over and over again about the remark  “mannequin of mall”  and it was turning out to be the longest drives ever .She went into her room and looked round  there were clothes everywhere, fashion magazines ,discount coupons , perfumes and few old mobile phones  ,which she used no more.She was in tears.And there was sought of rage in her. And she started to tear the fashion magazines, the invitations for the parties  as if she felt she was sort of mannequin.And from no where in her hands were the letters along with heap of  bills , invitations. The first three letters were already torn to bits and the last one was almost torn to pieces accept a portion ,which could still be read.That night and the next day were the hours making her mad. She was again on the same road during the same time hoping to meet him today as well. It was one of those moments as if she had been waiting for the same for too long. The car was in service and the taxi in which she was traveling the other day broke down. And she had to get down on the same road , where she spotted him.And there he was , she saw him. And tears rolled down her eyes.He was quite surprised to see her and tears in her eyes made him puzzle. And when he asked her , what she was doing here and in reply all he got was a slap. The couple of  lines with his signature with love read ” My love is not a commodity and it is priceless.”



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