HaPpY vAlEnTiNeS dAy.


I did like to wish to each one of you a very happy valentines day. Though I wonder . As it is routine to visit stores on the weekend . I was Visiting Garuda Mall on saturday ( 12.2.11) , I saw Tanishq with offering for Valentines day. I had a glance about 10-15 designs of Ear pendants for Rs 999/- .   Today I happen to be in Mast Kalandar , for my lunch . The shop was decorated with heart shape balloons . And also each table had a small candle lit. There was also a special combo called  Valentine day combo as well.I was reading in ET , there were offering from restaurants  to finest hotel. A offering had a price tag of Rs l lakh. A small price tag to express love , I suppose. Today morning I was reading an article  and the title was ”  Cosmetic surgery, the perfect Valentine’s day gift” And the surgeries available in the menu were1. Check bone treatment -50k-60k    2. Lip fillers treatment-20k-30k    3.Botox injection-5k–10k .  Anything for love.And  mostly women underwent these procedures. When women take such a brave stands , why should not we men also consider ? Though I doubt , would it still be considered cosmetic surgery. Last but not least Size does matter. You perverts. I meant of the heart.

Happy Valentines day  not just on Feb 14th alone. But every single day and every single moment .


Cosmetic surgery, the perfect Valentine’s gift


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