God does exist or not is a topic for debate between two set of people . One who believe only in evidence and others who have a gut feeling about the GOD’s existence. As the buddha says take the middle path always. My take on GOD is , he does and he does not  exist as well. I am not sure , I am confused. In desperate times we do fall back on GOD , infact GODS . During our exams , irrespective weather we have studied or not. The scene from 3 idoits , where one student was offering milk to snake. The other guy in the shower praying let me pass this exam and I will stop teasing a girl.The mothers and wives of Indian cricketers can tell you on whom they relied more on the GOD or talent and skills of there children or husbands,who recently clinched the  World Cup.A politican may not have delivered the goods in his  previous tenure as a MP or MLA ,but once the elections are in air  , the politicans line up at all sorts of temple and doing all of pujas and yagnas to please the Almighty ( Not Forgan Freeman or Jim Carry).As we know or believe that God is Omnipresent including on the web as well, which is a recent phenomenon. Of course the pujaris ,the swamis ( who have followers with non-disclosure agreements)  who are minting/milking  money on the Goodwill of God. We Indians ( urban) are almost civilized beast , but sometimes desperate times need desperate measure. A Consultancy near to my home , had its own issues of stinking urine pissed on its wall. And guess what , they did not rely on the CCTV or paste / paint on the wall ,stating stop passing  urine you morons in more diplomatic way or use there gurads ,who sit at the entrace on the gate.Yes they did fallback very much on GOD infact GODs. The consultancy got the wall painted for what reason I am sure and there came the superblow to escape from meance of stinking smell. The tiles of various GODs were put up.  It was pure genius instinct.This is what is called as customization . Customization of GOD or GODs.The tiles which are used in the pujaroom of houses found place on the walls to get rid of rascals .Now the question is Who else needs God and what is the next customization?


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