FrOm Ms WoRd To BlOg:- In StAtE oF dIlEmMa PaRt-1

*Writing without an agenda may or may not be a good exercise. Specially if every bit of writing is agenda less like mine at this point of time. Why writing or what makes us write is critical. It takes sheer time and patience to write. I felt strongly that writing is one thing I can pick and then take it to next level. Then there arises issues , infact very critical issues , what do I write about ? I felt though I spoke decent english and write reasonably ,but I felt and know that there is a vacuum. In terms of vocab , in terms of expressing the emotions ,particularly when we try writing fiction. And writing non-fiction seems much easier and comes easily there is a flow of words ,which is the key to the aspect of writing I suppose. Non-fiction is more based on observations ,on references and  on thoughts by and large. I did like to try to write essay. The only things, which bothers me is to get more technically sound. I am afraid ,while trying to get technically sound or grammatically wise , the drive or urge may not be of the same intensity. Writing on MS word and writing on wordpress platform are quite different. The mind set are quite different in both the cases. I am not quite sure why it happens so. Possibly there is more of introspection or thinking happening while writing or typing on MS word then on a blog platform. The art of writing  or debate or arts will always be confined to very few . The reason is we don’t understand the significance of “Expression”. Yes we all genuinely believe we express ourselves. But the expression we are upto is either our angst or frustration or by and large the dissatisfaction . And most of the talking happens just like that and the consequences can swing either side. But when one writes there are better chances of avoiding the same unless it is intentional to hurt or demark someone. Reading and writing  or other way around go hand in hand. I love to read and possibly that is what makes me write as well. Now the issue to tackle is to get organized as a writer , to know and understand what I am good at and how can I explore the same. Yes non-fiction it is for me and need to foucs on the same. We should read because there are experiences from others lifes and we can’t afford to make all mistakes and correct them. And we write because we experience.

Mark Twain– “ There is no difference between a man who can’t and who does not read”


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