And the next Osama is.

Seeing today’s morning newspaper with headlines He’s Gone, But Are we Safe? And then I saw a video of President Obama ,addressing USA and world formally announcing the killing of Osama Bill Laden.The war in Afghan cost US about  $1 trillion dollars ,6000 dead soldiers and about 55000 injured soldiers while not taking into consideration of innocent civilians deaths. Well thanx  Mr.Obma and team USA to put down the deadliest terrorist , the late Osama. Who made Osama ? Who supported him? Obviously  none other then USA. And why did Osama turn back on USA, when USA put up their  defence bases in Saudi. If we look closing it was never terror . The war was fought for resources. Be it the death of Saddam Hussain or Osama ,they were just distraction strategy adopted by US. Government. Giving US Government a legit reason to enter those foreign lands and establish there bases and also gain access and control over the untapped resources essential for USA. According to an article Afghan is having untapped  minerals worth $ 1 trillion dollars and where as Iraq it is the second biggest and largest unexplored oil  ( Petroleum ) fields in world. The whole circle of the war is to get rid of pilled up ammunition, get some exposure  to the defense forces , give more order to arms manufacturers and at last have control over critical resources like oil and minerals ,which can make or break an economy. The reserves available in Alaska in USA are biggest then the oil resources in Middle east ,which may be still be remain untouched and one can understand why? In the movie spider-man , spider-man ,killed the villain Green  Goblin ( Norman Osbon). And in spider-man 2 . The son of Norman Osbon ,funded Doctor Dr. Otto Octavius to kill Spider-man. And in context of killing of Osama . There are many who will fit in shoes of Son of Norman Osbon, Harry Osbon  ,who will and who shall fund many more Dr.Otto Octavius in coming years. An columnist ,wrote an article titled “ Life Won’t Be Any Different Post Osama” in today’s ET. Which is the fact. Anyways Congrats Mr.Obama and Team USA , you have definitely won some brownie points here.


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