Baba Ramdev , Corruption and Sinking Congress I ??????

Uprooting ,corruption in the country is  in the swing. first with Anna Hazzar  and now with Baba Ramdev going on a fast from June 4 2011. The news channel coverage is quite interesting. The senior ministers from cabinet ,meeting Baba Ramdev and convince him not to sit on fast.Baba flew to Delhi in a private plane to see the preparations. And the ground has the capacity to hold atleast fifty thousand people , as I understand from news channel reports. So the question is who is funding the whole event? And who is going to gain out of this  Satyagraha  ? The government is being dragged into one scam to another ,starting from CWG to Adarsh land scam to 2 G scam . Though Baba ,has raised a very important question of bringing back the black money stashed overseas.Both Major political parties are quite Congress I and BJP  . The politicians or Political parties are involving in malpractices is one big question to understand . The election commission say a candidate can spend Rs 10 lakhs  to campaign,but the fact is the cap may be just say hypothetically between 0.1%-1% of total amount shelled out to win an election. The candidates may get tickets at regional level on basis of bank balances and not due to competencies . So the funding of expenses of parties at regional is not hampered. Possibly Reddy brothers from Karnataka can be a similar example , irrespective of there competencies to be good people’s representatives.What is most important  is to make the donations to political parties legit and bringing transparency in the whole process and the political parties filing tax returns and so should the religious organization do. We been seeing the so called religious gurus ,converting black money into white .As long as the comman man is tricked by politicians by subsidies ( which ,may not reach him ) or the freebies as distributed by DMK  ruled government in T.N. and so has the new government of Jayalaithaa has promised. The Fiscal deficit of the state is suppose to Rs 13,507 crores in 2011/12. Which is nothing but a dent on the taxpayers pocket.And where does the big sum of money flaunted into.? Of course the corporates. The corporates are in rat race to get a bigger pie of the market and serve the purpose of the shareholders , irrespective weather they like it or not. The bigger question isn’t who is corrupt but who is corrupting ? The biggest problem is people and the media don’t track a politician by his work track record but by his/her political speeches to the bookhi and naagi jaanta ( Hungry and naked people) from heartland. The politicians should be elected on only basis of there agendas and outcome at the end of the tenure. The religion based politics has not helped anybody’s cause.To conclude lastly  , Madam and PM will have a few sleep less nights .And the center of attention will be Baba Ramdev . Many more news will break .Some one’s loss is some one’s gain. Who will gain is something worth to wait and watch.


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