An OrDiNaRy WeDdInG aNnIvErsSaRy

My parents celebrate their 27th  or 28th wedding anniversary. And one thing which emerges is that me not being good with dates. A couple of years back  when I was in school ,my Pa use to call me up in advance in the morning to remind me either at  their wedding anniversary or Ma’s B’day. And then I use to call back home wishing as per the occasion. My parents marriage has had its ups and downs . And this marriage has taken a toll out of my Ma.  Sometimes due to health reasons, sometimes being adamant and on other occasion each of our tempers .We being  a middle class family , like any other women ,my ma does have certain expectations as a wife specially when coming from a well off family ,but the fact is my mother has and still does knows difference between aspirations and realities. We all have shortcomings  and it is very hard for a girl ,who was newly weeded and moved to Bangalore in 80’s and accepted and adjusted to my father’s shortcomings ,in era where there were no easy access to telephones but just letters ,which were never written with intention of complaining.My mother’s kitchen with Dalada daba’s ( to keep pulses) to pulpet  is a story in itself. My mother may not be a great intellect , but even she knows every penny saved is a penny earned and which must have struck my father as well. My parents may not be the best communicators , may not be the most romantic couple of their era, may not be a couple to admire ,but for sure they have been a couple who have stood by each other’s side in the worst days of life  and had belief in each other like hundreds of couples out there. I don’t remember as far as I recall that my father had ever bought a gift for my mother for either of the occasions. And she was told to  buy something for herself. Which is quite unromantic of my father. Fortunately , I remembered their anniversary this time and called up in the morning but couldn’t talk to ma. And called back to speak to Ma on Pa’s mobile  , they were visiting my uncles and having dinner at their place.Each of one of us do have dilemmas about marriage , about finding a better half , unfortunately life isn’t like the daily soaps , the glossy faces, glittering costumes , palate houses and a theme based weddings.My mother must not have mastered economics but she knew the art of budgeting . If my father ever have to tell who is his best friend ,then it should and can only be my mother and no one else. And the dessert to be served at dinner was Mango cream . A ordinary wedding anniversary. Wishing you a very happy anniversary Ma and Papa.

Note:- Wishing Hanumanth , a very happy B’day as well. ( colleague from work).


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