Yes Baba Ramdev is Fake Baba and so are we.

Lately been reading in headlines that ,Baba Ramdev is fake baba. I kind of agree with, baba being fake. But he  started a movement and a revolution. People started to talk about Yoga. People started doing Yoga. My father,learned yoga with Baba Ramdev early morning five clock . And also started drinking juice of bottle gourd ,which is rich in Iron and helps in reducing chances of heart attack. Baba , corporates and nations , each one of them have an agenda.For corporates its the bottomline , for nations ,its about having a bigger say in geo-politics and for Baba ,it was and is to share certain basic facts of yoga and life, practice ,cherish and share.Why is Baba fake? is it because he has build a mammoth business empire worth of Rs 1100 crs . Would baba ,had been still fake ,if he had not had created his empire .There are baba’s who have left behind thousands of crores  and they are considered equal to God or God  ,himself/herself. Simply because they were confined to business of God and did not intent to be a rebel and try to stir up the society and the nation as a whole. Each one of us have an agenda. Be it the communist ,who are no more relevant to the society ,but do still exist and so does their ideology.Without an ideology , we will never be able to identify ourselves with others. To conclude Baba is a fake ,but what about the political parties and their manifestos and the issues on which they win election and do nothing about the issues?What about each one of us ,who may hate our jobs  and or bosses but still work with same organization or bosses? What about those women ,who fake orgasms? Atleast , among all the fakes ( that is us) Baba is a Karma yogi. We may or may not agree with Baba’s way of functioning , we may not be sure that the motives of Baba are political. But we need a rebel and a revolution.


10 responses to “Yes Baba Ramdev is Fake Baba and so are we.

    • Hi Dharamveer !

      1.On 19.6.2011 Swaminathan ( Editor ET) wrote for TOI , the black money is not in Switzerland but in India itself.
      2. Will it hurt us if the black money is traced out and bought back in the system, which say hypothetically decreases the taxes ,increases the disposable income and the sum is put in for development of infrastructure.
      3.We know most of the Agencies are nothing but the puppets of the Government or precisely the political parties.
      4. Even the apex court has not done much about it. And lastly
      5.Weather Baba wants his 15 minutes of fame or his intention is honest and genuine ,either way the civil society got food for thought and we did see even the government at center is also vulnerable, it means there is something wrong with government . From one scam to another .
      And any of his moves has got no political party any mileage. If we are of opinion of his attitude and demands are fake then What about Gandhi ji attitudes and demands then?

  1. Article is good to read but title gives jolt at first instance. It may be “Fake or Unfake”. Moreover curiosity of Dharamvir shows lack of knowledge on the subject and object, both. Let it be. We are free to express our views, but unwise to put our self on forefront. After all we are proud to say that Baba Ramdev is one of genius among others either in the field of business or show business. Overall he is excellent preacher, speaker and revolutionist.

    • Umesh, thanx. Hope you find the other post interesting as well.
      The Baba effect ,was effectively driven by strong “PR”. And the interest of other political parties may also be part of the drive steered by Baba.
      Baba , for sure do have some skeleton’s in his cupboard too. And therefore, there remains a prolong silence. To conclude, if Baba goes down in history books , he should be remembered for making yoga , a common man’s aid of healthy living. Baba at this best , when demonstrating a posture.

      Note:- Another Baba ,who was on hunger strike to get the river Ganga , cleaned, died and no one knows his name .

  2. Yes baba has amassed lot of money through yoga business and sentimental business from very authentic ancient indian vedas. Those sentiments are helping him to churn money from masses. He has probably more money here than overseas. He is selling Yoga and not doing any charity as such. Definetely not a rishi or a sant . I only wish that the end is good. Although I must admit the cause ( if that what he really means ) is quite noble. But the man in uniform has to go a long way…. if you guys understand what I mean

    • Hi !


      1. India is place of vedas, Upanishads, Gita , Yoga , Kamastura and invention of zero and what not .

      2. How many Indians do understand and live by the principles of any of these Highly wisdom oriented way?

      3. In India , we are attracted to newer way of life , If you may say “Western”.

      4. Before Ram dev ,there are many other gurus , who have made a fortune. And it is open to us to make fortune as well. The negative notion of money has to be given up.

      To conclude what are we against , are we against baba spreading yoga and making a fortune or we are not having the piece of the pie , which baba is humbly digesting. There is law and order , and let the law take its own course.If at all baba is fake and an con.

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