LiFe In A mEtRo AnD uS.

The movies in mid 70’s and 80’s and  specially  the film makers like Hrishikesh Mukherjee ,Basu Chatterjee and many others did capture the  happenings of our society? The movie like Piya ka ghar (1972), made in backdrop of Bombay’s Chal and the newly married couples desire to spend more time with each other  in the cramped  house ( in chal) , their neighbors and idiosyncrasies of each one of them,was worth watching .The one scene from Dhoobi ghat,where munna ( Pratek Babar) is standing in the bedroom of mebsabh ( madam) ,for whom he does laundry for ,says to him don’t come here again ,since you have found a girl for yourself  ( was he sleeping with her) ,can that be the interpretation.In era of new film makers , movies like Murder and Murder2 have churned out.The important question here is ,who is depicting whom? Are the filmakers or the society. In Movie , Life in a Metro ,Rahul ( sharman Joshi) facilitates the extramarital affairs of his higher ups ,by lending  apartment  to them and in same movie Kay Kay menon ,has a extramarital affair with Kangan Ranaut  and Kay Kay menon’s wife Shilpa shetty almost ended up having extramarital affair with Shiney Ahuja. Are all of these characters ,fictional  or do they exist.We believe ,we are civilized. In offices we sit down and sort things out ,but why the same doesn’t works out in the marriages. Husbands claim the wife’s are too arrogant and the wife’s may claim the husband’s are idoits and incompetent.Husbands may go out and hunt for relations ,which are not judgmental .And wife’s may be drawn to men ,who seduce women ,depending on their vulnerability. To conclude the model of relationship has evolved from exploit to explore. And not to damage one another’s self esteem. Relations should thrive purely on companionship ,compassion and not on the salaries drawn or by being dominant.But by being realistic and humane.Or are we giving more content to film makers for Murder 3 or Life in a Metro 2.


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