ArE wE mEn BaStArDs AnD wHy RaPes HaPpEn???

Instances of Rapes  reported in Utter Pradesh in last few days is about 4-5 . Out of four or five rapes , one of the rapes may have been committed by the men in uniform ,since the body of the girl was also found being hung in the premises .It is quite ironic ,that the men in uniform instead of being protectors are themselves the violators of the law.I think it is high time either to make prostitution legal ,funded by government at a fixed rate ,where the men in uniform can let there sexual cravings and urges be meet or provide them with sex toys.The other rape,which is reported yesterday ,was alleged to be committed by the brothers of the girl’s friend ,who later on have believed to have committed suicide .The sexual frustration is bound to creep in men for obvious reasons ,one we take pleasure in female foeticide ,which eventually makes it difficult to find a bride .Two ,the business of  dowry ,hampers the opportunities for many men.I think it is high time,that dowry be paid for Vagina’s and not for Dicks. The concept of demand and supply needs to be applied here as well ,sooner or later. The men who commit rape and are not under influence of any narcotic substances ,implies one thing that they lack creativity and the education system has to be blamed by and large besides the parenting for not imparting out of box thinking . The culprits of the rape ,may have seen tons of porn but may have not mastered the art of masturbation or precisely the variations of masturbation. And I blame the governments for the slow development of the region. If the folks had a decent fast speed internet connectivity like we do have in our homes ,then these folks could have surfed the net and found numerous website on masturbation and variations of the same. There is a section for females also . And the visualization,should also be made part of curriculum, so one can pick the sensuous women or men of his or her choice for the given day or the event in the day. Lastly,even though I am no Osho fan or follower ,but Osho made one relevant statement ( in this context)  and that is to look at positive aspects from negative things . I tried doing so ,now it is your turn irrespective of what you may have inherited a Dick or a Vagina.I am just wondering do men get raped or are they ever reported or we men have guts to report it. A rape is a rape, a scare and hole on the mind and the body of the victim.And sense of shame leaves me agitated, while we claim to be civilized.


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