Everyday life……

Its about brushing teeth, hunting for washed underpants , hopping into one bus to another ,getting stuck in the traffic ,skipping breakfast . And the question remains the same. Loosing the childish innocence every single day. Consuming  and consuming more. Tighter clothes , exposure of cleavages,smart phones on display and earphones plugged in almost every ear , I wonder listening what?We are divided . Divided by tongue, by skin , by thought ,by business and by gender.What every man ( human being ) aspires is to be happy ?And being happy is only a myth. One is squeezed like a lemon. And one has to pay a price for dreaming of being happy . The loans take you down and the status makes you sink .Who said slavery is over? The swiping cards and the act of swiping in and out is the glorified form of slavery. And after a point we become deaf and stop listening .The ego is the driver , the fuel which  drives our lifes. A cozy workstation or the office awaits us each day .And at the end of the day we are nothing but robots with a price tag on us with no emotions and every conversation is a calculated one and every joke cracked is humiliation of the other and at some one else’s expenses. Our life may be nothing but deception . From homes we carry our frustrations and back from offices the stress and the state of being choked and the guilt ,which is washed off for while by the water we bathe. And what is credited at end of every month in our salary account is not liberation and not freedom either. It is a slow poison , a diseases and which slowly kills us each day,which makes inland in us and kills our balls ( courage/ ability to take risk) and in span of decade or so  we may end up being a hermaphrodite  with neutral  views on all topics and issues which may come up for discussion.In the whole process of becoming sick ( hermaphrodite) and since having nothing to show of our own ,we  may end up adhering to a lifestyle. And finally when the death will come chasing us ,we shall be a mere skeleton with all kind of brands on us , right from the underpants to perfume we wear.I will break here and search for my balls  ( courage)  even though there hangs something below my pelvic but I am yet to feel and unleash them.

Note:- Every single day we practice to commit suicide . By tying a tie (knot)  around the neck  but only difference  is downwards up .


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