Yeddyurappa and his affair with the chair. ( Yddyurappa Khisko Aam adami disco)

Today evening while coming back home from office I  managed to get direct bus to Kormangala.  And the bus was jam packed and it took sometime for commuters to get off the bus and in the mean time the commuters who wanted to board in, lined outside of the bus and in the last moments when a couple of commuters were left behind few people started to push and tried to make way for themselves in the bus making it difficult for last passengers to get down and rushed in, to find suitable and comfortable seats. Back in office there are few colleagues of mine who have drawn initials or something on the chairs to identify them. It does happen with me also , in the morning when the office is cleaned ( sweeped)  the chairs get exchanged. The moment I sit , I come to know it is not my chair, because the chair I use , can lean backward and  stretch my arms upwards easily. When we start going to school and our parents holding our little fingers and guide us into the classroom and ensure that we sit in the front row benches of the class . And today morning,when I came to know that Yeddyurappa had resigned as Chief Minister of Karnataka and saw a picture on the front page of a local paper wiping his tears , all I have for Yeddyurappa is empathy.He is just like us ( bus commuters) who aspired and desired for the chair ( post of CM) and did hold on to it for sometime ,while visiting numerous temples and religious places and gave away tax payers money ( rumor) in faith of  saving the chair. Saving the chair is a disease ,which is passed on from one generation to another . It starts while being children and then carried forward as common man,  politicians  and  Suits ( corporate world) Alas ! he is as sick as us. While holding on to the chair ,he never dared to answer the questions and never asked questions ,which couldn’t be answered. This might be the end of era of tears, of superstition,oaths in front of God, community card , corruption and what not .And not of development and progress. The line from Siperman ( movie) comes to my mind with great power comes great responsibility and which was completely shunned by Yeddyurappa ,whom common man looked upon . It is time for  ” Yeddyurappa Khisko  ( go) Aama Janta ( common man) disco.”


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