Corruption ,confession and concession

The Sunday’s newspaper were all about Anna . And the momentum against corruption is at almost at its peak. The Lok Pal bill or Jan Lok Pal bill either of the proposed mechanisms are supposedly the means of booking the culprits after the crime of flaunting with the norms is committed. Whereas the core question remains is ,who is corrupt and who is corrupting and why the corruption is spreading like a cancer ? A set of individuals and or individuals ,who under the pretence of corporate entities ,with pile of cash on hands and competitors in the market ,wants the first mover advantage ,by bending and flaunting the policies of Government via government officials. So why are government officials ,becoming victim of greed? It is quite obvious when there are small cars, mid-size cars, sedans, luxury cars, MUVs , SUVs , 14″ TV to 52″ TV, from one BKH to palate houses.Everybody wants more . The obsession of possession and exhibition of the same is the deadliest disease.As we evolve to be a consumeristic society , the corruption , will be sky rocketing .The corruption can, by and large be checked and specially in era of technology. The IT and internet ,have largely played an important role . The payment of taxes is just one example.Reducing the human interface with technology is one of the best solutions and which will eventually should happen once the UID covers most of us. Corruption is something ,which is in our DNA and can’t be turned off.What the government can do is ,to create process and system, which it is trying to put in place to ensure the delivery mechanism of benefits are agile and accurate to individuals and corporates as well. There is lot been said about civil society and there are factions emerging as well within the so-called civil society. I suppose ,people ,who were left out of the limelight for quite sometime ,have swung in action. At last a law ,which has every individual under the purview of law should be passed,except the sensitive issues like national interest and foreign policy be considered as exceptions.Be it any political party , each one has its share of skeletons in the cupboards. And since everyone has run out of agendas and false promises, are making merry out of the ruling Government. And hoping for a wild swing of voters.While television houses ,getting hell of the content.


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