Does Manmohan Sing…………..(h)

Not like any other day , today morning I ended up having breakfast around 7:30 am. On most days , I end up skipping breakfast . And now I am looking for recipe for sambar . I had 3 idlis , sambar and chutney and of course coffee and another couple of cups of tea to follow. Today morning I was reading an article by Dipankar Gupta titled ” Neither King nor philosopher ” in TOI. I guess I am looking for recipe of sambar, because it tasted good. I was mainly interested in one ingredient and that was salt. The article features under a special report section titled ” A legacy lost? It is in context of yesterday’s remark by Sushma swaraj, on PM . That he hardly talks and when he talks ,no one listens to him.Plainly speaking we all know ,who is Mr. Manmohan Singh ? And what is his forte.And why he was chosen by Madam for the post of PM? The PM has been victim of coalition politics and centralization of power in one person.Dr.Manmohan singh is the right person and only person ,who should be heading the government. He is a leader and not a politician . He has conscious ,which neither of the political parties and politicians possesses. He is a man ,who believes there is solution for problems and implement the same . And LPG ( liberalization,privatization and globalization ) is his contribution to the Indian economy. The Indian economy is the sambar of the 90’s and him being a pinch of salt ,changed the taste ( fate) of this country. And today’s sambar ( India) is missing the salt , despite being there but not used. I genuinely feel, even though he is on the wrong side . He must be a happy man for the revolution/agitation stirred across the nation . He is the Bhishma Pitamah of this modern Mahabharata. I genuinely feel that Dr. Manmohan singh, should step down , man of his stature does not need to be humiliated, though he is been more loyal to Madam then to the Duty. It is high and right time to bid adieu to the Top post of the country and do what he is best at , shape the future of the India.If Manmohan Singh , must be missing some one ,then it can be late PM ,P.V. Narshima Rao. Dr. Manmohan singh , has two weapons in his Armour , besides his intellect , his patience and silence. I hope that his patience and silence pays off . Is there a ray of hope, I read Anna’s next agenda is ” India tour for clean leaders”. Does Dr.Manmohan singh, having second thoughts and not calling it a day yet. If there is a song , which Dr. singh , must be humming , it can only be ,”I hate you like I love ” Anna, a song dedicated to you .


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