What an Ass ! Don’t we men make this comment while starring at a tight ass  ( actually pair of them). Don’t we???  Recently the new add campaign launched by Flying machine got into the trouble. And was termed as “Vulgar ” by women activist. The activist must be feeling envious and frustrated for not being part of this cool generation.Our generation wants to look cool  , feel cool and be sexy . I don’t think it is such a bad idea. After all we need to be distinct from the crowd . And that can in terms of the butts , boobs (breast) and Muscles . It would make no sense that we all wore same style of clothes . It would be really boring . There would be point to visit to the malls or high streets to offer eyes fabulous treat ( Ankhein Saka na ) .The hard efforts put in to have  a sexy butt or Muscles ( dola sola) by spending quality time at Gyms, by skipping numerous meals and doing what not.  Spanking them isn’t a bad idea either. Flash black, the lessons learned at 101 porn classes, courtesy -internet. The add campaign launched by Levis is called Levis Curve ID. And again the point of concentration is  butts. One of the hoarding of add campaign read ” All asses were not created equal” ( used in US). Very recently Reebok ran into trouble when its new product Easy Tone ,failed to deliver what it promised ? Any guess… . “Firmer butts” . Reebok will end up refunding $ 25 million dollars to US customers. The Indian butts are not in the preview of this compensation . What about a section of  women wearing tight T-shirts / tees ???  I have not come across any advertisement propagating wearing tighter Shirts/T-shirts. But some still do. We , this generation want to look Chamya ( sexy)/Hero ( solid) , and celebrate the Jawani, by  being and wearing all sorts of clothes  from short to shorter to skimpy to skin tight to tighter and if possible even the tightest and transparent . After all we are from the era of smart phones  ( camera)  , twitter and facebook. And we want our 15 sec fame as many times we can.Our motto is simple . I will not let the other person be hotter / muscular then me. Three cheers for Butts ,boobs and Muscles ( dola sola).  Kiss my ass ,proposition makes me jittery and you???



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