Letter to Chentan Bhagat.

Dear, Chetan ji.

I recently happen to read to you reaction on to NRN’s thought of ” Quality of IIT engineers falling”. Firstly , I know only one Body shop ( the international chain based out of England) , I had to google the word ” Body shop”. If I recall correctly , the movie 3 idiots, was loosely based on a novel penned by you ” Five point something” . There were three main protagonist as we know Rancho , Raju and Farhan. The NRN believes that only 20% of the students are the best of the lot and the other 80% are ok. We know that why Raju and Farhan ,despite being in the top engineering institute after cracking the tough competition always managed to just  pass the exams ? Farhan , wanted to be a wildlife photographer and Raju , was under immense social pressure to perform or perish. And Rancho , always wanted to learn things , understand things and apply them. A scene from movie , where Rancho , tries to explain a term , the professor refused it and accepted a textbook definition only.And the other scene where Rancho ,comes up with a term called ( if I am correct) prefrahanrajulization  ( or something similar) and everyone were lost looking up for that word, which never existed.I think even if NRN’s infy is a bodyshop ,that isn’t a bad deal after all infy has clients and projects and 80% of Raju’s and Farhan’s ,never want/get  to be what they want to be ,until they decide to be themselves. Recently there were reports ,that about 2000 engineering seats are empty/vacant in Karnataka. I am happy for guys , atleast they didn’t end up at wrong place. Then there are 4th kind of idoits like you and me ( me and you). I did my  B.com, LL.B. and ended up doing PGDM and working in Retail sector. There are plenty of engineering students , who right after completing engineering or with couple of years of work experience end up doing MBA and land themselves  a hefty paid, finance or marketing jobs. So what was the point in first place of doing engineering then? Chentan ji, then why to react ? I am pro- NRN  ( LOL)  , at last I am something /some one pro. The Body shop deal isn’t that bad after all , the flexible  timing ( office hours), five day  a week and plenty of chicks  besides decent salaries , what else we the Raju’s and Farhan’s ask for . Chetan ji, wishing you all the very best for your , new novel Revolution 2020.


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