Mamu Education system ki Vaatha kisne lagayi. ( Who messed up our education system)

If you remember from your college days , there must a professor or two ,who asked you to look at the question in the textbook  ,while ending up solving the problem on the board even without looking at the question himself. One can understand ,from this scenario, how dead is our education system is ? The emphasis is on mugging up stuff ,rather then understanding and applying what is learned in the classroom. A vendor of ours dropped in  couple of days back  ,during the conversation he made a statement ,” who owns land in India ( commercial space in this context) ” , its our politicians? And I take this statement one notch up.  Who owns education institutions ? Who owns media ? Who owns industries ? It is our politicians to a good extent. If one wants to do engineering or  Medicine from a private college from  a C grade state, the tuition fee must cost somewhere between roughly 5-7 lakhs  ( approx). And The same degrees from Private colleges in metro cities must cost almost double. And every year  ,hundreds of students pass out   with almost nothing in brains but a diploma/ degree to get framed and be hanged and sigh of relief of not studying again. A few years back , I came across a very interesting article in ET .Which spoke about the professors ,who teach Marketing & change management in B-schools, why don’t they market themselves or change and get a better profiles for themselves. There is a dialogues, from my favorite movie ” Rocket singh” , where the protagonist says  Jise kuch naye aata ,woh salesman naye banjatha  ( one who knows nothing does not become a salesman) . And in India the scene is/may be , Jise koiye job naye milthi , woh teaching line mein chalajatha hai  (one ,who gets no job ends up teaching). Lately I have been reading, our HDR Minister, Kapil Sibal’s opinion about letting the foreign universities setting up shops in India. And ,who will impart education in these institutions , the Indian professors / facilitators .,who are themselves in short supply these days.And the visiting faculties from USA and UK and dump hell lot of information on the students. Do we need to have foreign universities presence in India , is debatable . But the most important thing is to revamp the current education system. First and foremost to set up institutions for training the teachers /professors , on a bigger scale . The IIMs , does that and same model needs to be replicated on large scale. And if any such institution(s) exist ,then to make their role more prominent. The foreign universities , will definitely open a new chapter for research , at least that should be one of the pros. On the other hand , the education will end up being expensive and confined to few. The MBA fee at Harvard is about one crore , a friend of our professor confirmed ( without scholar ship). A dialogue from my other favorite movie ” Baand Baaja Bharat”  is ” Recession ho ya inflation , shaadiya too hooti rahathi hai” and same applies to higher education , be it recession or inflation , students will keep enrolling for higher education. Friends we need to use rubber ( eraser) or schools will spring up like poultry farm.

Note- Video is of  RSA animations.


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