Why Shah Rukh Khan Stinks???

Lately ,one has been reading about Shah Rukh Khan promoting his home production Ra One. Shah Rukh Khan, has left no stone unturned. Shah Rukh Khan ,went on youtube   and to Google +  ,besides the conventional website for the movie. The merchandise from the movie – Figuring , lunch boxes, erasers, coin bank  and other stuff. The tie-up with Mc Donalds  for the happy meal toys. Even his association with F1 races  and Nokia . Sony came out with with Ra One game on two plaftorms PS2 and PS3 .One had been reading the comparisons between Ra One and Dabanaag . Both the movies are of the different genres.The TG for both the movies are different . Ra One is meant for children. And lets not forget the 3D version of the movie was also released. Shah Rukh Khan ,mentioned in an interview that, if the movie bombs at box office , he will have to dance in marriages for 5 years.  Shirish Kunder‘s tweet is so unwanted. Ask Shirish what was the fate of Jaan-E-Mann and to Tees Mar Khan .Or is he celebrating because there was less money on stake in comparison of Ra One. I haven’t seen the movie yet. The movie didn’t really appeal to me. But I sense the movie must be a decent one. I strongly feel sometimes that Shah Rukh must be getting a tip or two from Arindam chaudhuri of IIPM. Shah Rukh has been associated with IIPM in recent past. Shah Rukh stinks because he tries every single trick available in the books to lure the audience ,be it the six packs or the marketing of his movies and sometimes one feels that’s an over dose ,but that’s the way it is . Or did he skip a shower or two ,while working his butt off , as he said in an interview. I admire Shah Rukh Khan for his perseverance and attitude. And the response to Ra One on PS2 is been surprising good.It is high time to have a super hero from India as well besides the Spider, Super and Bat -man’s.


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