We were there for Abhishek and Heena.

At last the day did come. We had been discussing it for some good time now. There were stuff penned on the tissue papers during  the lunch breaks. There were phone calls made at almost 9 Pm from the office to ask our colleagues , the tickets were booked using numerous credit cards. Houses were searched , translators were used . Shopping for clothes .And of course the commitments made. And we did keep our promise . For some it was the occasion to get high and dance and for some it was just dance . A photo was send across to our colleagues on their phones and couple of senior guys had a look at it and said to the sender ,you should go ahead . And thereafter , a bachelor party was also thrown in. Nisha , was cool enough to be the host and let all the guys have a  party at her place with lot of Dinchak music , wild dance and booze and wine as well despite calls coming and doors being knocked ,complaining music being too loud at 11 pm. Lot of pics taken and shared on FB as well . Our colleague , Abhishek , finally got married on 3rd Dec 2011. And his wedding was blessed not with just our presence but with of Big Boss as well ( Kaps).Three cheers for Abhishek and Heena . Wishing them a very happy  married life.


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