Is Kapil Sibal the new DK Bose of the web?/ I hate you like I love you.


And here is another U turn from the government , besides the Lokpal bill and FDI in retail. Kapil Sibal Says there is ” No plan to censor web”. The idea of censorship of web is the joke of the year, possibly at least in Indian context. There exist numerous ” I hate communities” on the web have existed for  some good time now and the sudden attention of the minister , does baffle me. There are I / We hate Sonia Gandhi communities to  Narednra Modi  to  Mayawati.    The hate , communities are not the hate which boils down to violence, these communities have emerged due to freedom of expression and as well as with notion of having  point of view or independent  thought , which possibly may also be a vogue to a good extend. And being  public figure , one is always on the receiving end. The hatred, is more towards the action of the individuals then the individuals themselves. The  instigation of communal rites , misappropriation of public funds  and not supporting bills to curb corruption , is what makes people hate public figures.  Congress always takes pride , that RTI ( right to information act) is brain child of the Sonia Gandhi and so on and so forth.I think it is high and right time that Sonia Gandhi , makes a statement on the Lokpal bill , which is just not another bill passed and forgotten about. If  I had to start or be part of ” I hate communities then I would like to join  1. I hate Anna Hazare   and 2. I hate Kiran Bedi and Kejariwal. I hate Kiran Bedi for inflated ticket claims  and making a statement of returning the same. And Kejariwal , not paying dues to the government . And I hate Anna Hazare the most of the list I have . Anna Hazare is 74 years old  and frequently  fast and sheds weight. I hate him for his determination of shedding weight and fighting against corruption ,while we seat in our cozy air conditioned offices. And last but not the least the important question is , is Kapil Sibal the new DK Bose? And is that song Bhaag bhaag DK bose, DK bose, D K bose , playing in the background. Dear sir, if the government stands up and deliveries  , there shouldn’t be urge to censor the web in the first place. Some food for thought , sir.  And a song dedicated to you is ” I hate you like I love you”


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