Gods may have left the temple long back.

The eatables for munching  and  to gulp down the throat were , cakes , biscuits, puffs , Rasgulla, ice cream and juices ,besides the other items . And there was a good crowd as well , since it was the Sunday,  precisely the second half of the Sunday. And the whole place seemed like a seamless Big Bazaar to me. There were guards everywhere ,around the place , asking us ( crowd) to be in the queue and keep moving on . Besides the eatables , there were books ( in different languages ) , posters , prayer beads , kurtas  with different designs , colors and sizes as well. On one on the wall there was an combo offer, which mentioned the items and money saved if bought together. I am part of the retail industry for almost two years now. And my heart sank and was squeezed and so did my spirit , after walking through the temple , from Bhagavan darshanam  to my way to exit . Last Sunday , I along with my friend Nitin , visited a temple in Bangalore . I visited the same temple , after a span of decade or so. And after walking out of the temple , I felt of two things ,one I was robbed of my spirit and two , I was among the people ,for whom temples have emerged as a picnic spot. I am glad, I did part with temples long back and not with Gods. My idea of temple is peace but unfortunately there is just noise ,these days. I wonder do people go to temples because of the fear factor and drop some money ,after the aarti in the huge money hundis  ( which look like huge money vaults) or it is just a vogue to go to temples or have people forgotten the whole purpose of going to temples in the first place. And I heard from someone, the temple is going to open another branch in other part of Bangalore as well . As a human being , I felt suffocated and my sensibilities were hurt . And if there was any God there, God must have left the temple long back. I wonder ,who did the worshipers meet,who bought tickets for Special darshanam. Are temples  the new shopping malls  cum food courts? On second thought , the Gods , may opt for five working days  as well.


3 responses to “Gods may have left the temple long back.

    • I would love to visit temples on day to day basis as customs of Jains. But I genuinely think the ” Small is beautiful ” doesn’t just work for organizations but also for temples as well. And recently, I was watching a talk by author Alain de botton on Atheism 2.0. Do watch the talk . Did make me think. Even though the heart and mind are at the cross road. But we do need something to stick to. We need some sort “Ism” to live. Either we accept it or be arrogant of the same.

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