We the educated , illiterates

Too often we… enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.
-John F. Kennedy

The definition of thought , I found on net  ,http://goo.gl/15UW0

I am standing at cross roads and wonder what is the purpose of education . I find myself and around me people ,who seem to be qualified but on papers alone.  The arrest of the professor in Kolkatta for putting up an cartoon on social networking site , the murder of  student by class mates in pune,  the incidents of baby falak  and Hina  ,the abuse of domestic helper by educated doctors , the pavements used by the two wheelers to get ahead in traffic in Bangalore ,the snail paced traffic in Bangalore , with one or two people seated in the cars ,not turning off the engines during traffic signals and finally people loosing life to being glued to listening music ,while crossing roads or railway tracks .These events and many more does raise questions are we educated.  Or has the education and being employable are two different courses all together.The  purpose of education should be around these tenets ,  the ability to think  and to think in an broader perspective. Which is above , me , my and mine.To understand different perspectives and to take the cream of it  .The ability to learn un-learn and re-learn. I have been through the schooling system  and what I realize  is that , we as students were never encouraged to think , ask questions or be creative.It is hard to make good conversations . I hardly remember any good conversations. The most of the conversations are either the cribbing, gossip or the weather talk. One can see for oneself the qualities of the conversation are as deteriorating  as our morals. There is a disconnect in our thought , talk and act . And therefore, there is chaos ,everywhere. Can Lokpal bill end corruption, I think no. Our education has equipped us to be judgmental about others but doesn’t give us  an ounce of competency to introspect. All we have inherited from the fast food culture is aggression, depression ,depletion and annihilation.  If I had to summon up , I would say the whole process of education is build character of an individual , principles and positive attitude and the same not being compartmentalized.The obsession of possession does bother me. If we can’t possess us , our mind , body and the spirit , then it makes no difference what we possession materialistically. To conclude , I am an illiterate, trying to be educated , what about you?

Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.
Rabindranath Tagore

The minute that you’re not learning I believe you’re dead.

Jack Nicholson

“Rule your mind or it will rule you.”— Horace


5 responses to “We the educated , illiterates

  1. Hi, in agreement with the fact of having lost the capacity to introspect and other cases in point you mentioned but cases like baby Falak are to be viewed beyond the purview of education. These are genuine psychological problems we are witnessing and would be out of realm of learning

    • My position is we being too short -sighted. None of us have the ability to think about our future . Leave our future generations aside. Until and unless , we as a community don’t change the practice of marriages and expenses around it. And also get rid of the mind set that the boys , will take care of their parents , we are emerging as nuclear families. We need to plan our financial independence as well.I think, we men will end up giving dowries for the vaginas in a decade or so from now. Few years back an interesting movie , I came across, Mathrubhoomi. A footage from youtube.


  2. Dear Mclodha,

    I would also list parental apathy as one very critical factor. We breed and feed our children, but do we really nurture them and ensure that they evolve into good human beings? One of the most disgusting things I have seen ‘educated’ people do is to allow their kids to roll down the window glass of their cars and chuck out on to the street their garbage. If parents are so caught up in their daily rigmarole or worse still, willfully permit their kids to do something so anti-social, can they really qualify for the term ‘parents’, or should we call them breeders?

    Take for instance a recent personal experience. We had been to a very fancy Chinese restaurant where one really pays through ones’ nose and hence is justified in expecting a great environment with great food. However, we also had several thoughtless parents who let their young kids just run around the restaurant like jack rabbits screaming as they went, and a large family that took the cake – they had an infant with them who chose to pick up the cutlery and bang them on the table constantly, while all the adults including parents and grandparents did not even seem to hear the racket to begin with, and later noticed this uncouth behavior and seemed to think it was very endearing but not making the slightest move to stop the child from disturbing the entire restaurant. We seem to have spawned a kind of sub-human species here in India – Educated, well-heeled but uncaring and unconcerned. Tragic.

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