Dirty picture isn’t that dirty, but we are.

Recently , I read that even after fifty plus cuts the movie, Dirty picture was not telecasted . And also the timing of airing the content was  a concern as well.  An interesting article was written by   Bachi Karkaria    http://goo.gl/mcM3G     .I am yet to react  on the incident or atleast have an opinion on the issue.  We live in era ,where each day we get exposed to straps of men’s underpants. And be a viewer to women’s cleavages. And on certain occasions , to delight or to dismay the butt crack of the opposite sex. And on day to day basis the exhibition of the bulged breast of women , courtesy of wearing tight clothes.  I am certain , the dirty picture , wasn’t that dirty. There is a thin line between , sensuality , erotic and vulgarity.We as a society hardly  distinct between sensuality and vulgarity.  Our perception , definition and distinction of sensuousness and vulgarity varies , on whom it is applied on .  The silence on the matter by parents and by the education system , is dangerous. There should be sense of urgency to know and share, how beauty is defined ? how one can be sensuous ? And in few years the question would pop up and be louder as well then ever before, should one remain virgin/ chaste ,until one marries. We see schools and colleges mushrooming every nook and corner of our cities but what they provide is just a piece of paper . But not the ability to think , to debate , to change, and above all remain unbiased.It is when , we have no thoughts of our own , we just imitate and imitate shamelessly.  Does smoking make women hot or sexy , I am not sure. But I see sight of women smoking , all I see is depletion of womanhood. Being a feminist isn’t easy and raising voice for them isn’t easy either. And the prime reason is , we are educated , liberals , verbose and intellect. And wise/ wisdom , doesn’t wage battles . Wise ,experiences ,introspects and evolves. Intellect , boost and regrets. The aspirations of being smart /sexy and distinct ,has obviously resulted in tremendous commercial gains. We all talk extensively on our outward appearances. I wonder ,when shall we as a society and education system , speak about us the real us , the being inside us. Our body, mind and heart. The wise , says conquer the mind ,but we are obsessed with obsession of   sex and physical possessions.The suppression is a disease and so is obsession.And therefore depression has become part of the common man’s lingo ,without  experiencing it.  If you ask me , what is dirty picture. I shall correct you, there are dirty pictures and not picture. The pile of garbage on the corners of our streets ,the female feticide ,the flesh trade, the rapes, the dowry murders  , the snail paced traffic,wastage of food and  wastage of water  . These dirty pictures are the pictures drawn by a common man , like you and me. For a change, let us not blame the government and politicians for the dirty picture.And the worst is just around the corner. Until we start asking ourselves , what are values ? And have we inculcated these values in the minds of the young ones , who shall either make or break themselves , the society and nation as a whole.Yes there shall always be contradiction and should also be in thoughts ,but not in act and thought. Hey , abhishek manu singhiv, don’t worry , I am not concerned about your dirty picture. I have enough of mine ,like everyone else and I smell it everyday in heaps of dirt .


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