And Rowdy Rathore , it is . After Dabanag and Singham.

Have just returned home after watching another  police flick in Hindi. And it is Rowdy Rathore , this time.It is quite surprising and disappointing as well ,that how many times can we as an audience accept the same story with a different packaging ? Be it the lead actors and production houses. And the story goes something like this , there is a police wala and a gunda . The Police wala is devoted and honest police officer and not like others in the department, who wag there tails , behind the Gunda, who either is an politician or going to become one.  And who can forget the item songs , in each of these movies. Be it Munni Badanam  hui too many others. It is quite difficult to understand ,that who isn’t mature . The production houses or we the audience or both. Unfortunately , to us the  cinema is just means of Entertainment. There are hardly movies made ,which leave an impression on our minds. I have seen a few . Into the wild ,No man’s land and The Pianist and few more to mention. Our recent cinema has been the epitome of glamor and pinch of sleaziness .Our obsession with politics reflects in the movies from RVG’s banner, Department , Rann and the list goes on and on.  We need more movies like Delhi belly, Dev D and  Beja Fry . It is high time that the film makers evolve . There evolution is essential in story telling. Even a movie like Vicky Donor on a sensitive subject of  a sperm donor was made with lightness but could have been trimmed further. The mind set of filmmakers about duration of the movies needs tuning .  The melodrama , specially towards the end of the movie, actually kills it.The timing of the songs and purpose , are questionable to a large extend. And used as an  opportunity to off load the bladder . To conclude , I am not a movie critic or a movie buff or even remotely  a fan of an actor . I love to laugh and comedies, the sensible one’s are hard to come by. It is high time , that the script writers are paid hefty  fees  or at par that of actors,  to be truly creative ,rather then settling for the re-make versions or re-cycling .The only argument one can make is the treatment of each movie was different ,despite of having similar story line. The sequel of Dabangg is to follow soon. And possibly entertainment  have a triumph over impression. When shall there be a statutory warning about the re-cycled movies are injurious to health of movie goers.








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